Displaying Information for a Job

There are several ways to open a Job and view information specific to an individual Job.

  • In the Jobs List, click the Job Name in the list.

  • In other lists that include the Job Name (such as a Documents or Tasks lists) the Job  Name is a hyperlink which you can click to directly display the Job Workspace.

  • You can open one of the last 5 Jobs you have used with the Quick Access by clicking the down arrow next to the Jobs menu option from any list or workspace Refer to Quick Access to Recently Used Jobs and Views.

Refer also to Opening a Job.

Job Workspace

The Job Workspace has tabbed pages from where you can view information about the Job as well as Documents, Tasks, Custom Fields, and Processes specific to the Job.

You can change the order in which you want the tabs to display. Drag and drop a tab to the position you want to show it. The sequence will be remembered so will stay in that sequence when you change to a different screen and also when you log out and log in again.

The Job - Summary tab displays initially.

Tip: Click and drag tabs to rearrange them in your preferred order. Refer to Changing the order of Workspace Tabs.


The Job Workspace includes the following tabbed pages:

  • The Process History Checklist is displayed from the Process History and displays a summary of the steps in the process. and shows the Status of each step. To display the Process History Checklist, click an entry in the Process History list, to open the Process History Checklist for that process. Refer to Job Processes, Process History and Process History Checklist.

  • Activity - The Activity tab displays an audit trail of changes made to the Job. This includes changes made to the Job Custom Fields. Refer to Job Activity.


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