Quick Access to Recently Used Jobs and Views

Clicking the down arrow next to the Jobs menu option from any list or workspace gives you quick access to the Jobs Views and also gives you quick access to the last 5 Jobs you have used.

The Quick Access to Jobs displays as follows. Where there are more than 10 Views for the list, the View selector displays with a scroll bar.


From the Quick Access:

  • Click a Jobs View to display the Jobs list with that View selected.
  • Click one of the last 5 Jobs for which you have displayed the Job drawer opens the workspace for that Job.

In the Quick Access drop-down, you can use the Search in the list of Views to find a View. Enter one or more characters to find the View(s) that contain what you have entered anywhere in the View name. Click the X in the Search to clear the search text.


Refer also to Quick Access to Views, Clients, Documents, Jobs, Tasks and Automation.


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