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FAQs when Getting Started

Have some questions about getting started? We’ve put together answers to frequently asked questions to help make your 30-Day Free Trial period a success.

Are there any prerequisites for using FYI?

Yes, there are two prerequisites for using FYI: 

  1. FYI is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 to deliver document and email automation.
    Microsoft 365 Business Standard  is the minimum license required for FYI users to be able to edit documents from FYI using the desktop versions of Office or Outlook.
  2. Integration with a Practice Management Solution allows you to sync your clients, client groups, team and jobs without having to maintain data in multiple locations. Practices can only be integrated with one Practice Management system in FYI.
    Refer to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice.

What can I do in FYI during the 30-day trial?

During your 30-day trial, FYI’s entire feature set is available for you to explore.

Refer to Platform Walk-through.

Before you begin, make sure you have installed the FYI Add-ins for Office and Outlook and optimised your computer for use with FYI. You may also wish to import a batch of documents, to work with inside of FYI.

Refer to the articles in the section Before you Begin.

As soon as you’ve logged in, you can explore the main menu and workspaces, start using Document lists, and learn how to access the Drawer in FYI, Outlook and Office.

It is useful to understand a few key concepts - such as using the Drawer, filing to Cabinets and Categories, finding information in FYI and using the + button to create - before you begin.

At the start of your trial, the sync, for practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, the Xero Practice Manager Sync is activated for you in FYI.

When you are ready to start syncing with Outlook, you can activate the Email AutoFile Automation Process. You can explore all of the sample automations that come shipped with FYI and configure them for your practice - or start creating your own custom processes.

Refer to the articles in the section Learning the Essentials.

Who owns our data? And if we decide to cancel our subscription, what happens?

Your practice always owns your data. If you want to leave, an FYI Admin can download all documents in a logical folder hierarchy of client and then metadata.

How much data storage space do we have?

The licensing of FYI depends on your FYI plan. In summary, each user of our document management plans is entitled to 50 gigabytes of data. For disk space in excess of each plan, we charge an extra $5 per user per month for an additional 50 gigabytes for every user.

Do we need extra bandwidth to use FYI?

FYI does not require any more bandwidth than you expect from similar functions using SharePoint. FYI does not use any specific port.

Note: The "health" of each user's OneDrive does impact the useability of FYI. If the user's OneDrive is syncing other folders, then FYI key workflows such as editing office documents can be affected.

What happens when the trial period ends?

When you subscribe to FYI, all the documents, settings and integrations added during your trial are available when you go live. If you decide not to subscribe, you can easily download your documents and your entire account and data will be permanently deleted.

Refer to What happens when the trial period ends?

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

No, there are no long-term contracts required with FYI. Your account is a month-to-month commitment.

How do I know which plan is right for my practice?

Our Intermediate plan will provide instant results with a more efficient way to manage emails, and provide access FYI’s unique blend of document management and CRM. Advance to Pro to access all features, including advanced automations.

You can upgrade your account any time you like. We expect over time almost all practices will end up on our top plan due to the level of automation it offers.

For more details on FYI Features and Pricing Plans, visit our website at

Do we need a consultant to assist with implementation and training?

The best approach to implementing FYI in your practice will depend on the size and complexity of your historical data, the number of users and the amount of training required.

The FYI Client Success team can provide an Assisted Onboarding plan including the migration of your data, initial set-up of FYI and training as required.

If you would prefer to work with a consultant, then we have a range of independent experts to choose from.

What level of support does FYI provide?

We provide email support and access to a comprehensive knowledge base. This support is included in monthly pricing at no extra cost.

  • Email Support - Our support team is available during business hours to answer any of your queries, including guaranteed responses within a maximum of 2 hours. For any particularly complicated issue, we will initiate an outbound call. Refer to Sending a Support Request.
  • The FYI Help Centre is a comprehensive knowledge base designed to assist you on your FYI journey. It provides detailed help articles, tutorial videos and release notes to help you use the app to its full potential.
  • The FYI User Community is where FYI users can discuss features and best practices, share insights and ideas, and ask questions to ensure your practice is getting the most out of FYI. Click here to join.
  • FYI Admins will also receive invitations to Masterclasses. These live webinars are hosted by the FYI Client Success Team every month or so, We provide email support and access to a comprehensive knowledge base.

What is a Support user?

If a query is raised with the Support Team, they may need to log into your FYI database. A new user account will be added to your list of FYI users, and can be identified by the name of the Support agent (look for "(FYI)" after their name). The user's email address will contain "".

Note: The FYI Support User may appear in your active user list when creating an Email or using Workflow.

This access is only temporary while they investigate your issue and will be removed at the end of each day.

Practices are not charged for this user in their subscription. 

The Support User has limited access relating to Microsoft Office, Outlook and OneDrive. The user account does not have all the functionality of a regular Microsoft365 account, and cannot do any of the following activities:

  • File emails from Outlook to FYI,
  • Edit documents directly from FYI
  • Preview documents via OneDrive

How do I subscribe to an FYI Plan?

At the completion of your 30-Day Free Trial, you will need to select an FYI subscription to suit your practice. For more details on FYI Features and Pricing Plans, visit our website at

For information on activating your subscription, refer to Subscribing to an FYI Plan.

What if our practice uses Practice Protect?

Practice Protect is an app that provides a secure and convenient way for firms to present applications to users. Users log in to Practice Protect using a single set of credentials where they access a single ‘click-through’ page to all of the apps their company has delegated to them.

FYI can be added to Practice Protect, where you will be able to log in. Once logged in you will have access to all features as per your FYI Plan.

To find out more, and for any support queries, refer to the Practice Protect website

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