"Error calling foundry: request failed with status code 403' when sending an email from an Automation Process


I am using an Automation Process or Custom Processes in FYI Automation to send out emails and getting an error

"Error calling foundry: Request failed with status code 403"


This could be because the sender of the email has an incorrect Email Alias set up in FYI.

The Email Alias is an optional setting in the User profile in FYI and is used to hold an alternate email so that if the user is unable to use the original email, they can log in with the email alias. Refer to Managing Users.

This can be used where the user has a different email address held in Microsoft 365 than that held in their user details in your practice management software.


  1. Check the user who is set as the sender of the email in the Automation Process. This is the user selected as Send From in the Create Email step of the process.

  2. Check if the sender of the email has an email alias set up in FYI.  Refer to Managing Users. User profiles can only be accessed by an FYI Admin from Settings - Practice Settings - General - Users.

    Select the relevant user profile.
    If the Email Alias is not valid or is not the actual Microsoft 365 login, an FYI Admin will be able to remove this from the user's profile.

If the user needs to log in to FYI with an Email Alias, this needs to be linked to the login email address in your practice management software using the Magic Link. Refer to Logging into FYI with an Email Alias set up using Magic Link.

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