Planning your Go Live Day

There are many factors to consider when deciding the right time to change your document management platform. The chart below outlines the steps involved when planning your FYI Go Live date.

Our Onboarding Team will guide you through the onboarding process, and these steps which include completing your Learn courses, set up tasks to configure your platform and considerations for migrating your historical documents. 

Click here to download our Guide to Implementing FYI which contains complete information on the onboarding journey.


Initial Practice Set Up

Before migrating historical documents and your team going live with FYI, our team will guide you through our best practice recommendations and FYI’s default configurations for the following:

  1. Your Cabinets and Categories
  2. Your User Groups
  3. Your Active Users
  4. Set up of Document and Email Templates
  5. Your Practice Settings, User Settings, Apps and Process Automations
  6. Add your billing details to set up your FYI Account.

Note: Our team will assist you with the set up of your practice's email signature and stationery during the onboarding journey.

Refer to Configuring FYI to suit your Practice.

Data Migration

The successful migration of your historical documents into FYI is a fundamental part of onboarding.

Refer to The Document Migration Process.

When ready to start the migration process, your onboarding consultant will provide you with the details to download the FYI Migrate App. This app is used to begin the live sync of your documents from your historical document store into FYI. Refer to Using the FYI Migrate App to Sync your Data.

Your historical document store, will determine if your migration is a continuous sync or one point in time.  Our onboarding consultants will determine this with you. When a continuous sync occurs, your team will continue to work in your existing document system, and can continue to create and edit documents during the migration process. 

The FYI Migrate app will run a live sync of any newly created or edited documents until a designated migration cut-off date and time. The migration cut-off is at 3pm AEST, the business day prior to your Go Live date.

For example:

  • If Go Live day is Monday - Migration cut-off will be 3pm AEST on Friday the week prior.
  • If Go Live day is Wednesday - Migration cut-off will be 3pm AEST on Tuesday, the day before.

Important Note: There are important details to note on how the sync will identify if a document has been deleted or moved in your legacy system.  Refer to our FYI Migrate FAQs - Can I continue working whilst it syncs? for information that we recommend communicating to your team in advance of the sync kicking off.

Any documents created and edited after the agreed migration cut-off period will not be synced to FYI.  Your team can simply import them into FYI after your Go-Live date.  

Rest assured that your Onboarding Consultant will remind your practice's FYI Project Leader on the migration cut off date and time.

Your Go Live Day

Your practice will also need to designate a preferred Go Live day.

This is the date that your document migration is complete, with your specified historical documents imported into FYI and filed for the first time.

Our aim is to deliver a clean transition to FYI with your team having access to their work-in-progress documents from day one. This is subject to acceptance of our Assisted Onboarding proposal and quote. Refer to Booking your Discovery Meeting.

Post-Migration Admin

To complete the migration process, you will need to complete a few simple admin tasks to ensure your documents are correctly filed in FYI before your Go Live day. Your Onboarding consultant will guide you on each of these actions:

  1. Identify Archived Clients
  2. Resolve Unmatched Clients
  3. Nominate Primary Clients to include in AutoFile
  4. Update document filing details (as required)

Refer to Post Migration Admin.

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