Why does the FYI drawer not display when I select a document?

To display the drawer for a single email/document, click the email/document in the list. The drawer displays so you can display the filing details and other information about the email/document.

When one or more emails/documents are selected with the checkbox, the drawer does not automatically display. If the drawer is not displaying when you click on an email/document, check to ensure you have not clicked the checkbox next to one or more emails/documents in the list. Refer to to Selecting Documents in a List in Using the Documents Lists.

Note: You can click the checkmark (on the left-hand side of the list) for a single document and click Bulk Update but there are only limited filing details you can change in this way. Refer to Bulk Updating of Filing Details.

When one or more email/document is selected clicking on the checkboxes you can use various functions from the tool bar. The right-click pop-up tool bar menu can only be used for a single email or document. Refer to Using the Document Action Tool Bar.


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