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The Refile Advanced function allows an FYI Implementor to update the FYI filing details of multiple documents. This Refile is used to update the filing details of a lot of documents at one time.


Refile Advanced can be used:

  • After migrating your documents from a Windows Explorer system, or another system such as SharePoint system, and you need to refile the documents in FYI.
  • At any time to update the FYI filing details where multiple documents need to be refiled. Refile can be used as an alternative to the Bulk Updating of Filing Details function which is used to refile selected documents in a list.
  • At any time if you ever need to adjust the filing structure of your documents in FYI.

Bulk Update can be used on up to 100 documents at a time, whereas Refile Advanced can be used to update anywhere from 1-10,000+ documents at a time.

Using the Refile Function

  1. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select Practice Settings and then select Documents.
  3. Go to the Refile Advanced tab.


The Results on the right-hand side show the history of what has been recently run in the Import/Export or Refile Advanced functions.

"Select your criteria" panel

In the Select your criteria panel, use the filters to find the documents you want to refile.

You can select combinations of the criteria. If you select a Cabinet, you can then select categories and a job. You can select a specific Business Structure which picks up the Structure held for clients in the practice management software (and shown in the Client - Summary tab in the Tax & Company section). You can select Document Type and enter all or part of the Name of the documents.

The relevant documents are displayed beneath the panel as confirmation of the documents that will be refiled. The selection in this panel also determines what is available for the refiling selections.

"Select how you want this data Refiled" panel

In the Select how you want this data Refiled panel, select how the documents should be refiled within FYI.

Click the switch to select the options and to expand the selections if relevant.

There are various ways in which you can select how to refile the selected documents.

  • Assign to a cabinet/categories - When this is enabled, you can select the Cabinet to assign which then allows you to select any Categories.

  • Assign to a client - When enabled, select the client to refile the selected documents to.

  • Remove selected category values - this allows you to remove any of the categories that are set in the selected documents. If you are using Refile to move documents to a different Cabinet, this can be used if the new Cabinet does not use the Categories currently assigned. If you are using Refile Advanced for documents that have been migrated, this can be used if the old folder structure has categories not being used in FYI.

  • Map your categories - when you have at least one category selected in the "Select your criteria" panel, the Map your categories option displays. This allows you to select what FYI will look for in order to find a match for the category that will be assigned. The following example is for documents that are being refiled after a migration and they are currently held under temporary folders. The categories displayed in Map your categories show as relevant for the selected documents in Select your criteria.


    Try and match client code/export code/client name are used if, for example, the folder name holds details that can be used to match the document to a client in FYI. If a match is found in the folder name, the Refile Advanced will assign the document to that client.

    Map to a category is used if the category in the current document holds details that can map to a category in FYI. For example, if there is a value "2020" in "Folder 1", this can be used to map to the Year category in FYI and assign it the value "2020". If you select Map to a category, you can then select which FYI category to map to.


    Merge into keyword will add what is found in the category as a Keyword in the document.

    Anything that is not found in the Map to categories will be left blank.

Note: For subsequent selections, such as Categories, you need to clear the previous selection as  there are instances where these will be retained by the Refile. If you have to make changes, it is recommended to leave the Refile screen so that all settings are cleared and then start again.


The following is a simple example where documents for a specific client will be refiled to a different client.


The following example shows how to refile all documents in the Cabinet "Correspondence" for Year "2020" to the Cabinet "Client Files", Year "2020" with the Work Type "Correspondence".


The following example shows how to map the "Folder 1" category to the "Year" category. This will search the "Folder 1" category options, and if it finds an option that aligns with a "Year", it will assign the relevant document to the applicable "Year". 


The following example shows how to merge the "Folder 1" category option into a Keyword. This will create a Keyword based on the applicable "Folder 1" category option and assign that Keyword to the document.


This is what the records look like once the Keywords are added.


Run the Refile

To start the refiling, click Run. The Results panel shows the progress of the Refile process.

Initially, the Refile is queued to run and, if you need to cancel the refile before it has run you can click Cancel in the Results panel.


Refiling requests are only performed overnight from 6 pm - 6 am depending on your location, either Australian Eastern Standard Time or Greenwich Mean Time. Any processes that are still running at 6 am will be completed; all others will be delayed until 6 pm.

The Results panel shows a yellow spinning icon when it is running and displays a green tick icon when successfully completed. If you refresh the Refile Advanced with the same selections in the Select your criteria panel this will show there are no documents for that selection as they have been refiled.

Deleting Unused Cabinets and Categories after the Refile

Any cabinets and categories that are no longer needed after the refile should be deleted. This is especially important after migrating historical documents. If you have a lot of unused cabinets and categories this can affect the performance of FYI and the speed at which documents are loaded. Refer to Managing Cabinets.

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