Your Onboarding Questions Answered

Platform Prerequisites

Are there any prerequisites for using FYI? 

FYI is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 to deliver document and email automation. Microsoft 365 Business Standard  is the minimum license required for FYI users to be able to edit documents from FYI using the desktop versions of Office or Outlook.

Direct integration with Xero Practice Manager allows you to sync your clients, client groups, team and jobs without having to maintain data in multiple locations.

FYI also integrates with other practice management software.

Refer to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice.

Onboarding Process

Is there a cost associated with the FYI onboarding process? 
Given the significant importance FYI has on every practice that implements it, we want to ensure your success. The onboarding process is guided by an FYI Onboarding specialist and includes data migration, initial set-up and configuration of FYI to suit your practice, and personalised training for your team. Pricing starts from $1,500 AUD + GST.

Document Security

Where is our data stored?​ 
For Australian and New Zealand clients, data is stored in Amazon’s AWS data centres in Sydney. For our UK clients, the data is hosted in AWS’s London data centres. As we become a global provider, we will host FYI in the UK and the US. 

Each practice maintains its own unique Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket. 

How is our data backed up?  
Backups within the application are included in your subscription. Your data is dynamically backed up by Amazon (AWS) as part of their core service.Amazon provides inbuilt, offsite backups, disaster recovery, multiple sites synchronisation etc.We also provide the ability for practices to back up their own data locally. 

Does FYI Comply with Australian Privacy Law? 
FYI  complies with relevant privacy requirements and has recently been certified as ISO27001 compliant. We have passed this on to the ATO and they are about to push FYI up to the next level of data sharing across their framework.​ 

If I want to leave FYI can I export my documents? ​ 
Yes of course. You own your data the entire time you are with FYI. The Bulk Export functionality allows an FYI Admin to export all documents into a structured, configurable Windows folder hierarchy representing the critical metadata. 

Data Migration

How difficult is the data migration process?​ 
It is easier than you think. We have built-for-purpose tools and have onboarded 700+ practices to FYI, so we’ve seen pretty much everything when it comes to document filing structures.  

How long does it take to migrate my documents?
This depends on the size of your data and internet connection and could take anywhere from less than an hour, to over a week. The assisted onboarding process normally takes at least 3 weeks to allow both parties sufficient time to prepare.  

Please note that this time frame is subject to availability and demand.   

What data is migrated along with my documents?​ 
Refer to What data is migrated into FYI?  to see exactly what information we can extract with your files. ​

Can I maintain my existing folder structures? ​ 
FYI takes a different approach to data storage and is not folder-based. However, we can replicate your existing structures in our platform to reduce the impact of change experienced by your staff.​ 

Do I need to prepare my data beforehand? ​ 
In some instances, it is easier to cleanse your data using FYI’s refiling tools. However, it is quite useful to have all client folders at one level of the folder hierarchy before migrating to FYI.  

Can I maintain my existing MYOB cabinet and category structures?
Yes. We are able to sync both the MYOB documents and the MYOB database. Refer to What data is migrated into FYI?  to see exactly what information we can extract with your files. ​ 

How do you match the clients from our folders to clients in XPM? What if they don't match?
We can match client folders to XPM through a name, client code, export code or XPM ID. If we are unable to find a match, we will either create an ‘unmatched client’, or allow you to do this yourself (if you are performing do-it-yourself Onboarding). You can then match the unmatched clients to XPM using our Resolve  Clients function or the Unmatched Client Import function. This makes correcting slight mis-spellings very easy to resolve across hundreds of client folders.  

What happens to archived client data on migration?  
If the client is archived in XPM or not in XPM at all, when we migrate the data we will create an unmatched client for these documents. This unmatched client is not linked to a client in XPM but will always be accessible in FYI from the archived clients section.

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