How to Use the FYI Migrate App

The following resource provides instructions on using our FYI Migrate App to sync your documents to FYI.  

The migration process is conducted with the assistance of your Onboarding Consultant or an FYI Implementation Partner.  

For further information on what this migration means for your team, refer to The Document Migration Process.

Before you begin the Data Migration

  1. You must have an active FYI account (trial or paid).
  2. Ensure your client list in your Practice Management software is correct (that is, all active clients are up-to-date, and client codes or export codes are correct where necessary).
  3. If migrating from a folder system, perform any clean up of files and folders beforehand. 
  4. If migrating from a cloud-storage system, sync your documents locally to the machine you will be migrating from, before beginning FYI's sync.
    Refer below to Migrating Cloud-Based Document Management Systems.
  5. If your IT team are assisting with the document migration, it is important that both parties are familiar with our recommendations to ensure security of your data. Refer to Best Practice for working with IT Admins.

Technical Requirements
Contact your IT provider to prepare a computer or server that can run the sync non-stop. Please ensure they review the Technical Requirements at the bottom of this article. 

Step 1 - Download and Install the Latest Version of the FYI Migrate App

Download and Install the FYI Migrate App

Your Onboarding Consultant will provide you a copy of the FYI Migrate App.

Follow the installation process below.

Note: If you have already downloaded the FYI Migrate App and then proceed to download and install its most recent version, it will simply update the app.  This will not duplicate any documents previously uploaded during migration.

Extract the application files

Extract the files in the file.

910 Migrate Zip File.gif

Run the application file

Right-click on the FYI Migrate app and select Run as Administrator.

911 Migrate App file.gif

If prompted, click the More Info link, then click Run anyway.


This will install the FYI Migrate app. 

Note: If you get any errors on the installation of this application, first discuss it with your IT provider. If they are unable to successfully install the application, please contact your Onboarding Consultant or the FYI Support Team.

Step 2 - Login using your Windows Microsoft 365 (FYI) login

When you click Login with Windows you will be directed to a browser tab where you can log in. 

Note: You need to log in to the FYI Migrate App using the credentials of an FYI Admin user.

If your IT provider requires Proxy details, tick the proxy box and enter the relevant details.


As part of the login, you will be asked to accept permissions to enable the FYI Migrate App to run. You can select "Consent on behalf of your organisation" if you prefer not to be prompted each time. 

Click Accept to continue.


Once logged in, you will be prompted to close the browser tab and return to the application. 

Your connection details will be displayed. Confirm your Email address and Practice and click Next.


Step 3 - Select the location of your source documents

Select your historical document management system as the location of your source documents.

If your documents are stored with any other platform, then select Windows Explorer.

If you are unsure of your selection, please contact your Onboarding Consultant or FYI Implementor.


The next step depends on what you selected as your current document management system. 

Refer to:

Migrating Cloud-Based Document Management Systems

If your documents are stored in the cloud (Dropbox, SharePoint/SuiteFiles, Google Drive etc), you will need to sync your documents locally. Once synced locally, you will use the Windows Explorer method linked above. To set up the local sync, you may be able to follow the instructions in the third-party links below. If you need additional help, refer to your IT provider.

Note: When syncing from a cloud location it is important that the documents are stored locally, not just presented as a ghost copy. 
For example, this folder is available via the cloud, not synced locally:916_Migrate_Docs_in_cloud.gif
Whereas this folder has been synced locally:

You may need to access the folder you are migrating from your machine and right-click the head folder, for example, 'Clients'. Select 'Always keep on device'. This will force the files to sync locally should the above scenarios not cover your migration source. This must be completed before commencing the document migration sync.

Running a Local Sync of SuiteFiles

SuiteFiles has an overlay on the SharePoint site which does not allow you to sync.

In order to run a local sync of SuiteFiles, you need to enter the URL that finds the SharePoint site and avoids the SuiteFiles overlay,

  1. Ensure you are logged in with full admin rights to Microsoft 365.
  2. To find the SharePoint site and avoid the SuiteFiles overlay, navigate using a URL as follows: 
    For example,

    This will take you directly to SuiteFiles in SharePoint so you can navigate to the folders that need to be synced locally. 

    Note: Refer also to the details above in Migrating Cloud-Based Document Management Systems as these points are still relevant once the above is completed. 

Technical Requirements

Some IT providers may require the below information to prepare the system for the sync.

The computer or server operating the sync needs to:

  • Have a 64-bit processor.
  • Be running Windows 7 (64-bit edition) or Windows Server 2008 (64-bit edition) as a minimum.
  • Having 4GB of RAM is recommended.
  • Be configured so that it does not shut down periodically. Any shutdown will stop the FYI sync.
    • If it does shut down, please restart and it will pick up where it left off.
  • Have access to the files, folders and/or databases that you will be syncing.
  • Have sufficient storage for the FYI Migrate App to store data files. Disk space depends on the volume of documents being migrated, 5 GB of free space should be sufficient. 
  • Exclude the FYI directory - %APPDATA%\FYI Migrate - from your virus scanner.

What permissions does the user need to have on the folders being synced? 

The user will need one of the following permissions:

  • Read
  • Read and execute
  • List folder contents
What ports does the FYI Migrate app need access to, to upload the documents?
  • UDP 53
  • TCP 443
How much space needs to be available on the server to run the upload?
Approximately 3 kilobytes per document being uploaded

Note: If you are moving from the cloud (that is, SharePoint or Dropbox), the first step before you begin migration is to sync those documents locally. As a result, you will need enough space on the machine to store all of this data. Refer to Migrating Cloud-Based Document Management Systems.

FAQs and Errors

For information on the common FYI Migrate FAQs and Errors, refer to FYI Migrate FAQs and FYI Migrate Errors.

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