Onboarding Wizard

During your 30-day free trial period you will see the yellow Onboard Now button at the top of the FYI screen.


Onboarding Wizard

Clicking Onboard Now gives you access to the Onboarding Wizard where you can start setting up FYI for your practice. Complete each step shown here to schedule a Discovery meeting with your Client Success Team, configure FYI for your practice, and access training material. In the near future, you will also be guided through the migration of your historical documents into FYI. 


Open each section in the Onboarding Wizard in turn. The Onboard Now button will change to Onboarding and displays the number of steps you have marked as Complete (for example, Onboarding 1 of 7Onboarding 2 of 7).


This shows how you are progressing as you complete each of the steps. Some steps can only be accessed once you have completed the preceding step(s).


Access useful content to introduce new users to FYI and learn about our onboarding process.


To complete this step, click the Complete button. It will display a tick in the Onboarding Wizard. 

Platform Tour

To dive deeper into FYI's capabilities, and allow us to tailor our solutions to your needs, we invite you to schedule a platform tour.

Click the Book Meeting button to send your details, and mark this step as Complete.


Account Set Up

Enter your billing details to set up your FYI account. This is a mandatory step before any data can be migrated onto the FYI platform.


For more information, refer to Subscribing to an FYI Plan.

To complete the Billing step, click the Complete button.

Migrate Documents

Please contact your Client Success Manager to download the FYI Migrate app. Refer to Using the FYI Migrate App to Sync your Data.

The Migrate Documents section includes a range of settings related to the document migration process. Any changes to these settings will add an event to Practice Activity. Refer to Practice Activity.

For practices only wanting to migrate documents and emails for active clients in your FYI Client List, you can toggle "On" Match to active clients only. When toggled "On", no other documents and emails will migrate to FYI such as archived clients, and unmatched clients cannot be created. When toggled "Off", all documents and emails will migrate to FYI and clients that do not match an active client will auto-create as an unmatched client. Refer to Resolving Unmatched Clients.

When the Migration app is running, the setting for FYI Migrate sending documents shows as "On". This can be set to "Off" to temporarily pause the Line Import. Refer to Implementors: Administering Live Import.


For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, if the Client Code (that matches the Xero Practice Manager client with the legacy document store) is not stored in the Xero Practice Manager “Client Code” field or the “XPM ID”, but in some other custom field in Xero Practice Manager, this needs to be selected in the Onboarding Wizard in the Client Code custom field in the Migrate section prior to syncing documents. This is most commonly for UK or New Zealand sites.

Import and File

Once the Migration Sync in the FYI Migrate app is complete, your documents are imported. They are then ready to be refiled. Liaise with your Client Success Manager who will arrange refiling in consultation with you.

Final Setup - Configuring FYI for your Practice

This section provides links to settings and instructions to help you start configuring FYI for your practice. Refer to Configuring FYI to suit your Practice.

We recommend the configuration is set up before you migrate any historical documents into FYI. This will create your filing structure and allow you to determine which users can access which documents.


A green tick shows against the options as you go through them. To complete the Final Setup step, click the Complete button at the bottom of the section.


The Training section provides links to key training content.


A green tick shows against the options as you go through them. To complete the Training step, click the Complete button.

Displaying the Onboarding Wizard for Active Clients

An FYI Admin can access the Onboarding Wizard from their settings after your practice has become an active client. This gives them access to all the Onboarding information and processes, to the Training links and to access the Book Discovery page. Refer to Practice Settings.

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