Marking and Displaying Starred Documents

You can mark specific documents that you personally want to be able to access easily. This allows you to "pin" documents and is done by marking documents as Starred. This will mark the document(s) as Starred only for you, not for any other user.

You can then display Starred documents from your Home - My Starred tab or from a document list by clicking the Starred button in the list.

Starring a Document

  1. Select a document or email in a list to display the Drawer.
  2. Click the Starred icon at the top of the Drawer.
    When a document has been starred, the Starred button displays as follows.

Un-starring a Document

Click the Starred icon in the Drawer to remove the starring.

Displaying Starred Documents

There are two ways to display your Starred documents:

  • In a Documents list, click the Starred button at the top of the list.


  • In your Home, display the My Starred tab.

    The Home - My Starred list displays as follows. 


    The My Starred counter, displayed next to the tab heading, counts individual documents and emails in Threads and Stapled Documents that have been starred, and not the entire thread.

    For example, if there are four emails in the thread but only two of those emails have been starred, the My Starred tab will show a count of 2. Collapsing the thread into a single record by clicking the Hide Threads button will still show the individual count i.e. a count of 2.


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