Creating an Email by Selecting Attachments in FYI

You can create an email by selecting one or more documents filed in FYI that you would like to send.

Video Walkthrough
For a video walkthrough that includes this feature, refer to Creating an Email in FYI.

Select Attachments and create an Email

  1. In FYI from any list, select one or more documents you want to send.
    To select multiple documents, select the documents you want to send by clicking the checkboxes on the left-hand column next to the relevant documents/emails. Refer also to Selecting Documents in a List in Using the Documents Lists.

    If your practice is on the Pro plan, click the Share button.

    If your practice is on the Intermediate plan, click the Send button.

  2. The Create Email options will be displayed in the drawer.
    The selected file(s) are automatically attached and shown in the Attachments section.
    If required, you can select any additional documents filed in FYI by clicking Add Document.
    To remove a selected document, click the X next to it.

  3. Enter or change any of the Create Email options. 

    Client - To search for a different Client, type at least three characters of the Client’s name to display all clients containing those characters anywhere in the Client Name. Then click to select the one required. Refer also to Selecting a Client in the Filing Details and Refreshing the Clients.

    If the client does not have an email address, or the email address is invalid, the Recipients link will display "0 Recipients", and the Create button will be disabled. Click the Recipients link to manually enter a new email address, or update the client account before creating a new email.

    Recipients - If the email is being sent to additional recipients, to CC or BCC recipients, or to a different email address other than that of the client it is being filed under, click the Recipient link.  Refer to Adding and Changing Recipients when Creating an Email.

    Template - If relevant, you can select from a library of Templates maintained for your practice. If relevant for the selected template, default values for one or more Categories are offered providing a Cabinet is selected that uses the relevant Category/Categories. You can change the value for the Categories if required. Refer to Creating Emails from Templates.

    Name used to identify the email internally and is displayed in the lists in FYI.

  4.  Enter the filing details (refer also to Using the Email Drawer.

    Cabinet - If the selected Client has Filing Defaults for the Cabinet and Category, or you have Filing Defaults for your own settings or at the practice level, these display. They can be changed if required.

    Defaults display additional filing fields depending on the Cabinet selected, for example, Categories, Jobs, Tags and Keywords. Refer to the section Jobs and Setting Up Jobs in FYI and to Tags and Keywords.

  5. Select if you want to save the email as a draft or send it. In Save or Send, select Draft in FYI, Draft in Outlook, or Send Immediately. By default, this is set to Draft in FYI.

    • If you do not need to make any changes to the content (for example, when using a template) you can select  Send Immediately. 

    • Draft in FYI  keeps the email inside FYI, where you can assign tasks, share comments and workflow the email if it needs to be edited or reviewed by other users in your practice. You can leave the email as a draft in FYI to send later or so it can be sent by another user. 

    • Selecting Draft in Outlook  sends the email to your  FYI - Drafts  folder in Outlook so you can edit the email in Outlook. You will then be able to add additional recipients, set the importance flag, set the read receipt, and send the email directly from Outlook. 

      Important Note: Once the email has been created as a  Draft in Outlook, the email is marked as "Sent" in FYI and the Workflow Status is set to "Completed". If you make any changes from Outlook, you cannot send the draft back to FYI. You need to make all the required changes and send it from Outlook. In FYI, you can only Preview the email (with the Preview tab on the drawer). Once the email is sent, the update will be updated and filed in FYI.

  6. In Send Attachments, select how you want to include the attachments (Collaborate, Email or Postal Service).
    This is set as the default setting for the client (refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client).

    - Collaborate is only available if the practice is on the Pro plan. When set as Collaborate, the attachment is sent as a link, and the attached document is included in the Client - Collaborate tab. Refer also to Sharing Documents via Collaborate.

    - Email is available if your practice is on the Intermediate or Pro plan. When set as Email, the documents are included in the email as attachments, either as PDFs or as a copy of the selected documents according to how to Include as PDF was set.

    - When set as Postal Service, the Create button is not shown and a message displays at the bottom of the Drawer as a reminder. You can click Cancel to stop the send and send the document by post.

    - If you have integrated with myprosperity, you will be able to select myprosperity as the service by which to Send Attachments. Refer to Sharing Documents via myprosperity.

  7. Set the Include as PDF switch to "On" to send the attachments as PDF files, or "Off" to send in their original file format. Your selection will be the default for the next email you create.

  8. Click Create.

The email is created with the document(s) attached and is either saved as a draft or sent, depending on what you selected for Save or Send. The documents are included as attachments, either as PDFs or as a copy of the selected documents according to how Include as PDF was set.

When the sent email is filed, you can open the Attachments section and click on the attachment to display the drawer for that attachment. You can also click the Open icon to open the document that was sent as an attachment. The attachment will not be saved as a separate document in FYI as it is already a filed document.

Attachment Limits

Up to 10 files can be attached to an email.


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