Tags and Keywords

As part of the filing details for documents, you can enter Tags and/or Keywords. This allows you to have additional levels of categorisation for documents. Tags and Keywords are both entered dynamically when entering the filing details of a document. Tags and/or Keywords can be used to locate groups of documents where that text is not in any other part of the filing details. Refer also to Using Tags and Using Keywords.

Note: To use Tags or Keywords, these must be enabled for the Cabinet. Refer to Managing Cabinets.

Video Walkthrough
For video walkthroughs that include this feature, refer to Locating Documents and Introduction to FYI's Filing Structure (7 min).

  • Any Tags that are created for a document are saved. They can be used as additional categorisation, and because they are saved, they can also be used as  'folders' for specific scenarios such as "1st Quarter BAS". Tags can be used in conjunction with the folders that have been set up for your practice (such as the Cabinets and Categories) or Tags can be used as an alternative. Tags are also useful when managing a large client.

  • Keywords give you an additional level for searching for documents. For example, if you decided to use Keywords to indicate that a document related to an incoming invoice from an external contractor, adding the Keyword "Incoming Invoice" to any relevant document would allow you to locate all these documents by entering "Incoming Invoice" as the search criteria.

    If you also added the name of the contractor as the Keyword, you could then search for documents that relate to that contractor. For example, when entering "Incoming Invoice Ajax Electricals" as the Keywords for a document with an invoice from Ajax, you could then search for "Ajax", or "Invoice Ajax" or "Incoming Invoice Ajax" or "Incoming Invoice Ajax Electricals" to find relevant documents.
  • Tags and Keywords can be included as columns in document lists.

  • You can filter a document list on the Tags and you can sort a document list on Keywords.

  • If the selected Cabinet has been enabled for both Tags and Keywords, you can select/enter either or both of these in a document.

The following are the differences between Tags and Keywords.


  • Any Tags that are entered are saved. They display in the filing details in the Tags drop-down for any other document (for which the Cabinet has Tags enabled) so any user can use it again on any other document and in any other Cabinet that has Tags enabled.
  • More than one Tag can be selected for a document.
  • You can filter a list on one or more Tags.
  • An FYI Admin can use the Practice Settings - Documents - Tags to add, change or delete Tags. Refer to Managing Tags.


  • Keywords are saved for the specific document.
  • Keywords can be used as part of Search. You can then enter the Keyword in the Search Document field in any of the lists to locate all documents with that text anywhere in the Keyword. 
  • Only one Keyword can be entered, but this can have multiple words. When searching for a Keyword, the search will find all or part of the Keyword.
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