Why are Emails I edit in Outlook not updating in FYI?


When creating a new email In FYI and then editing that email in the desktop or online version of Outlook, the email is not saved with the changes I have made.

Note: FYI only saves the email content and will not save any changes made to recipients i.e. the To or CC).


Once the email has been sent to Outlook, changes are only sent back to FYI when the email is sent. Refer to the "Draft in Outlook" section of the article Sending Emails Immediately or Saving a Draft.


Once the email has been created as a Draft in Outlook, if you make any changes from Outlook, you cannot send the draft back to FYI. You need to make all the required changes and send it from Outlook.

Sending the email will remove it from your FYI - Drafts folder in Outlook and synchronise changes back to FYI.

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