December 2019 Release Notes




  • On the Client - Jobs tab, the Client column is displayed when only Client Group is selected.
  • In Document lists, multiple Cabinets can be selected. Refer to Searching in Lists.


  • On the Client - Tax tab, the Simulate Agree and Simulate Variance buttons can be used to run the "Tax Assessments (Agreed) Autofile" and "Tax Assessments (Variance) Autofile" processes. Refer to Tax Assessments (Agreed) AutoFile and Tax Assessment (Variance) AutoFile.

  • Added the ability to enter Tags for documents. Refer to Tags and Keywords.
    To use Tags or Keywords, these must be enabled for the Cabinet. Refer to Managing Cabinets
    Any Tags that are entered for a document are saved. They display in the filing details in the Tags drop-down for any other document (for which the Cabinet has Tags enabled) so any user can use it again on any other document and in any other Cabinet that has Tags enabled.


  • In the Dashboard - Notifications, you can now click the link in a Notification tab to open the drawer of the relevant document. Refer to The FYI Dashboard.


  • Added option to delete a Tag by clicking the X next to the Tag in the drop-down.



  • In Email AutoFile Settings and Exclusions in Automation, added the option In tray review multiple clients. When this is switched on, if an email is received where the email address is shared by more than one client and none have been marked as the Primary Client,  the email is marked as Multi Client. In the In Tray, when filing the email, a list of the clients who hold that email address displays in the drawer so you can select which client to file it under. Refer to Email AutoFile Settings and Exclusions.


  • Added a Add Custom Process to the Automation - Processes tab.
  • Added the Test option to Custom Process. The Test option is the same as Run, except Test allows you to choose a specific client to run the process on. Run executes the Custom Process for all clients, with the filter applied if relevant in that Custom Process. 
  • When creating new emails from within FYI and then using your Outlook to complete the email, a confirmation has been added that you have saved the email in Outlook. In the FYI Drawer you need to click Yes, I have saved this email ready to check in (Ctrl+s) before the option I am finished editing is displayed. Refer to Creating an Email using Outlook within FYI.
  • A new tab has been added to the Dashboard for My Comments.  This displays a summary of any documents for which you have created a comment or on which you have been mentioned. This displays the name of the person who created the Comment and it also displays the message. Click on the first line of the summary to display the details of the relevant document in the drawer with the Comment panel opened automatically. You can filter the My Comments by Date Range with a Start and or End Date. You can also filter these by comments you are mentioned in or that you have created. Refer to Dashboard and  Comments and Notifications.



  • Removed the Delete Tag option.
  • Additional information is now shown in Processes about what each step does, for example, the template that is used, document or email name.


  • Where there are more entries than can be displayed in a popup, the Load More link displays. Refer to Sorting and Filtering.


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