Group/Client/Job Search and Navigation

The Search in the menu bar at the top of every screen can be used to search for a Client Group, a Client or a Job.


Video Walkthrough
For a video walkthrough that includes this feature, refer to Locating Documents.

Searching for Groups, Clients or Jobs

Click in the Search groups, clients or jobs box in the menu bar.

In the Search box, type at least one or more characters for the text you are looking for. This displays any Client Groups, Clients or open Jobs that contain that text. It also displays the associated Group/Clients and Jobs for the search results.

This excludes Archived Clients and Groups, and excludes Jobs that have a Status set in FYI with the Type set as "Completed", "Cancelled", "On Hold" or "Archived".


Click on the search result, to display related information.

Click Group name to display the Group navigation list. The selections at the top (Group, Client, Job) show whether a specific Group, Client or Job was selected. You can use these drop-downs to make further changes to the selections.


The following is an example of where a Client was selected from the search results. This displays the navigation in the same way as the Clients workspace.

2227 Client Summary for Individual.gif

The following shows an example of when a Job was selected from the search results.


When your Practice Settings are set with Show Jobs by Client "Off" (refer to Managing Practice Settings for Jobs) and when a client is displayed that is part of a Client Group, the Jobs drop-down at the top of the workspace displays all Jobs for the Client Group.

Hide/Unhide Inactive Jobs

To show inactive jobs in the selection, click Unhide the inactive jobs. This shows jobs that have a Status set in FYI with the Type set as "Completed", "Cancelled", "On Hold" or "Archived" (refer to Managing Job States).


To hide inactive jobs, click the Hide the inactive jobs button.

Working with a Minimized screen

When working with a minimized screen, the Search box displays "Click to search".


When you click in the Search box, it expands across the menu bar.


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