November 2019 Release Notes


The following updates have been made to FYI.


  • When adding Templates for Word, Excel or PowerPoint and when adding Stationery for Word, the name of the Word, Excel or PowerPoint file that has been added, now displays in the Create Template/Stationery Drawer to show the file that has been added. The name of the selected file is also set as the name of the template or stationery.
  • "System" can be selected when filtering for the Delegator in Tasks. This can be used to filter for tasks that have been created by an Automation process.
  • In Automation - Processes, when adding a step you can now only select the application as FYI or Xero Ledger.
  • When using Drag and Drop to import one or more documents, if a client has a default Job set, this will be automatically added as default in the filing details. Refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client and Drag and Drop.


  • A Task can only be deleted by the user who created the task, or by an FYI Admin.
  • When adding a task to a document, if the document is filed against a Job, the task defaults to that Job and Category. Refer to Adding a Task to an Email in FYI.



  • Notification Type filter added to Dashboard - Notifications tab to filter on Tasks, Comments, etc.
  • Client - Summary heading shows as Client Details instead of Contact Details.


  • Website addresses added to Comments are automatically added as hyperlinks.



  • Added a 'move' icon next to the step number to move it. If you click on any other columns, it opens the respective step. Steps are automatically renumbered. Refer to Automation Processes.
  • Advanced Search removed from document lists and Search Email Content moved to main search criteria. Refer to Search within Email Content.


  • From Automation - Process, using the List View, you can copy a process using the Clone function. Refer to Automation Processes.
  • In Time Sheets, added an X in the Time field to delete what you have entered and then enter the time again.


  • Draft emails from FYI are now shown in the folder FYI - Drafts in your Outlook. This allows you to edit a draft email in Outlook prior to it being sent. Refer to Opening and Editing Emails.
  • Allows Tasks to be updated with the Assignee set to "Unassigned".
  • Names of system views have been renamed, for example to "Recent - All", "Recent - My", "Emails - Sent", "Emails - Received", "Emails - Draft". Refer to Using the Documents Lists, Searching in Lists and Emails Sent, Received and Draft and Mail Register Views.
  • A Mine switch is included in the Documents and Client - Documents lists. When this is set to "On" this displays any documents or emails that have your name recorded as Owner.


  • Mark Sent button has changed to Delivery. This has three options that can be used to set the Delivery Status of documents , Mark Sent, Mark Received and Clear.
    For documents you can use the Mark Sent option to mark that the document has been sent by Post, Courier, Pickup etc and add notes. You can also mark that a  document has been Received, or clear the Delivery Status. Refer to Delivery - Sending a Document via Postal Service or Other Method
  • You can resend a sent document using the Send button.


  • When selecting a Job in the filing details, provided the client does not have a default cabinet and category, where a Job is selected includes a year as part of the name (for example, "2019 Compliance"), if Year is an option in any of the categories the relevant year from the Job Name is automatically assigned as that category. For example, if the selected job has the name , "2019 Compliance", this will assign 2019 as a Year category. Refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client and  Selecting a Job when Filing a Document.
  • When displaying the Jobs workspace as the Board, a scroll bar has been added to scroll the screen left and right.



  • When using the filter in a Client column, the Add/Remove Client popup now shows the email under the client name to expand the space to display the client name. The filter also includes a No Client switch so that you can filter for documents that do not have a client assigned. Refer to Sorting and Filtering.



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