Nominating the Client to Include in AutoFile

When clients are within a Client Group, it is likely they may share the same email address. Nominating one of these clients as Include in AutoFile determines which will be used as the client when emails are automatically filed.

Only one of the clients that share the same email address must be nominated as Include in AutoFile in order to automatically file the emails, and any associated documents, from or to the shared email address.

If none of these, or more than one, is marked as Include in AutoFile, the email and document cannot be filed and it shows "Multiple Clients" in the drawer in the In Tray. The user will need to select which client to file the email or document under. Refer to Filing Emails where the Address is Shared by Multiple Clients in Managing your In Tray.

You can also set a Client's Contact to Include in AutoFile. Refer to Client Contacts.

Setting Include in AutoFile for Individual Clients in Client - Settings

Include in AutoFile can also be set on an individual client in the Client workspace from the Client - Settings tab. Refer to Client Settings.


Using the Include in Autofile Column in the Clients list

You can include the column Include in AutoFile in the Clients list to see which client will be used when auto-filing when the email address is shared by more than one client.

When the Clients list is sorted on the Email column, this shows where clients have a shared email address and you can determine where one of these needs to be marked or unmarked as Include in AutoFile.

The Include in AutoFile column displays as follows.


Using Clients Bulk Update to Include or Exclude Clients as Include in AutoFile

From a Clients list you can also select multiple clients and use Bulk Update to set the setting for Include in AutoFile as Include or Exclude for the selected clients. Refer to Clients Bulk Update.


Using the Clients Tab when displaying a Client Group

You can display the Clients tab to see the details of the clients within a Client Group. From the Clients tab, you can include the column Include in AutoFile to see which client is nominated as the Include in AutoFile and will be used when auto-filing where the email is shared by more than one client. Refer to Displaying Information for Client Groups.


Using the Duplicates Function to Nominate Client to Include in AutoFile

On the Clients list, the Duplicates function can be used to display clients which have the same email address. You can use the Duplicates function to display the emails that are shared by more than one client and to select which client to nominate with the setting Include in AutoFile.

The Duplicates function is included in the View Tools button at the end of the column headings, on the right-hand side of the list.


  1. On the Clients list, click the Duplicates button to display the Nominate Include in AutoFile with a list of all emails that are shared by more than one client and where these have not been nominated as Include in AutoFile.

  2. Select an email from the Shared Email list to display the clients for which this email is held.
  3. Click the Include in AutoFile button next to the client to nominate to Include in AutoFile and to use when emails are automatically filed for this email address.

    Note: If you change the Client nominated as Include in AutoFile, this will be used only for new emails that are received from the client.
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