Preparing your Browser for FYI

To get the most from FYI, you should first configure your browser settings.

Allowing Pop-ups

In order to select documents in FYI and edit them in your browser, you need to set your browser to allow pop-ups from https://go.fyi.app.

This will open the selected document in a new tab for you to view and edit.

If you see a Pop-ups Blocked icon in the URL bar in your browser, as in the example below, click this to display the options and select "Always allow pop-ups and redirects".

If you do not see the Pop-ups blocked icon, you can adjust your settings as follows:

  • In Chrome via the Settings - Privacy and security - Site settings
  • In Firefox via the Menu - Options - Content options
  • In Edge via the Settings - Cookies and site permissions - Pop-ups and redirects.

For additional information, refer to the troubleshooting article on Document does not open when selecting Edit in Browser.

Setting SharePoint as a Site that can always use Cookies

When previewing documents, you are prompted in the Preview pane to sign in (refer to Previewing a Document). When clicking the Sign in button, if the Preview does not display and you are not signed in to SharePoint, you may have your browser set to block cookies. You can change this to allow cookies from SharePoint. The setting for this varies between browsers.

In Chrome:

  1. Go to Settings - Privacy & security - Cookies & other site data.
    If you have an option set to block cookies, you can set your SharePoint as a site that can always use cookies.
  2. In Sites that can always use cookies, click Add.
  3. In Add a site, enter the following:
    Note: This needs to be entered with the square brackets around the *

  4. Click Add
  5. Restart your browser and try the Preview again.
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