August 2019 Release Notes


The following updates have been made to FYI. 



  • Category column and filter has been included in the Jobs list. Refer to Using the Jobs Lists.

  • Administer Knowledge option in User Groups.
    If users have access to any Cabinets that have Enable Knowledge set as "On," they will see additional tabs for these Cabinets in the Knowledge workspace. Refer to Using Knowledge Cabinets and Managing Cabinets.
    To set a User Group so that users in that group also have access to add, make changes and delete the documents that display in these additional tabs in the Knowledge workspace, in the Administer section for Knowledge click the switch to "On". Refer to Creating User Groups.


  • Assign a Job to a Task.
    If a Client is selected for a Task, you can also optionally select a Xero Practice Manager Job for the client. Refer to Creating a Task.




  • If the task is not being assigned to a specific person, this can be left as "Unassigned". When displaying a list of tasks, you can select "Unassigned Only" in the column header filter to display any tasks that are not assigned to a user. Refer to Creating a Task.



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