Search within Emails, Phone Calls, File Notes and Meetings Content

Document lists include the Content Search button to perform a full-text search for text that is within the contents of emails, phone calls, file notes and meetings.

The following content is not included in Content Search:

  • Content Search does not find text in emails that are Draft, only emails that have been sent or received are included.
  • Emails that were imported through the FYI Migration process are not available with Content Search.
  • The content of emails that are added to FYI using Drag and Drop are not included in Content Search.

Using Content Search

  1. In a Document List, to search for text that is within the emails, phone calls, file notes or meetings contents, click the Content Search button.

    The button displays with a white background and a green outline when this is enabled.

  2. In the Search Documents field, enter the text that you want to search for and press the Enter key.
    The results display as follows.


When you move out of the list, Content Search is automatically disabled.

Note: The Content Search feature is not available for emails that have been imported as part of the Migration or dragged and dropped into FYI. This feature is only available for emailed created in FYI or using the Outlook Add-in.


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