Practice-wide Shared Email Account

If you have a practice-wide email account (for example, reception@example.com.au or thegrowthpartners@thegrowth.partners) which multiple people edit and reply from, but it is no one person’s primary email account, the following steps explain how to set this up so that users can access emails from this account through FYI. 

Refer also to How can we use a Shared Mailbox? for additional scenarios and for information on setting up aliases.

  1. The practice-wide email address (for example, reception@example.com.au) must have an active user account in FYI. You can add a user directly in FYI (refer to Managing Users).

  2. The email address must have a Microsoft account.
    A user must sign in to this account at least once and set the user settings AutoFile mode to "In Tray Review". Refer to Individual Settings and Status.


3. Then share the In Tray of this shared email account with all other users that need access to this account's emails. These are added in the My Settings - Share tab. Refer to Sharing your In Tray.

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