Saving Documents to Archived Clients

Once a client has been archived, it will not be included in the Client search when creating new documents.

Displaying Archived Clients

  1. Display the Clients list on the Clients workspace.
  2. Click the filter for the Status column.
  3. You can either filter only on "Archived", or you can include these with the "Active" clients.

The Clients workspace includes archived clients which display "Archived" in yellow next to the Client Name. You can open an archived client from the Clients list to see the details and access any documents that are stored for that Client.

The Archived clients display as follows.


Filing Documents to an Archived Client

If you need to file documents in FYI to an archived client, this can be done from the Clients workspace.

  1. Open the archived client and display the Client - Documents tab.
  2. You can then use Drag and Drop to copy one or more documents into FYI directly from Windows Explorer or from your desktop. Refer to Drag and Drop.
    The client name is automatically selected in the Import as the archived client.
  3. Enter the filing details in the usual way.

Note: This method may not be optimal for Emails. An alternative is first to save the emails (from Outlook, using Save As and save the .msg filed to a folder or to your desktop) and then import the email file with drag and drop using the method above. Emails that are imported cannot be threaded with the original email.

You cannot reply or forward an email that was imported as a .msg file format. If this is needed, you can convert the .msg to .eml before importing it. Refer to "Error creating document. Oh no, we had a problem creating your document" or "Cannot carry out your request" when creating a document.

Refer also to Archived Clients.

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