September 2019 Release Notes


The following updates have been made to FYI. 


  • Added support for Adobe Sign. Refer to Digital Signatures (using DocuSign or Adobe Sign)
  • The Drawer for emails includes a People section which displays the email addresses of the From: To: and Cc: of the email. Note that is for emails included in FYI since 6 September 2019.


  • You can add the To, From and CC columns to lists to see the To From and CC email addresses of emails. Refer to Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in a List.
  • Jobs can be sorted by Due Date in the Jobs Workspace.
  • As well as by Job Name, you can search for a Job by Job ID in the Search Jobs filter. Refer to Using the Jobs Lists.


  • Ability to change the Task delegator for an existing task.
  • Ability to sort by Category columns in document lists.
  • In Tray displays whether emails are "Received", "Sent" or "Draft". This is shown in the Delivery column and you can apply a filter on the Delivery column to display emails for one or more type of Delivery.


  • In Word and Excel, added the ability to insert a link to an FYI document.
  • The ability to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint has been added to Processes in Automation. These are created in a similar way to creating email. Refer to Automation Process Steps.
  • Ability to save a draft email for another user to edit and send.
  • Reply, Reply All, Forward options for Email. Refer to Opening and Editing Emails.
  • A new View Tools button has been added to the end of the column headings, on the right-hand side of a list. This consolidates into one tool the options Refresh, Column (to add a column), Save View or Clear Search. Refer to Custom Views, Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in a List, Sorting and Filtering and Refreshing a View in Using the Documents Lists.


  • Ability to save files to archived clients. Refer to Saving documents to Archived Clients.
  • Any documents deleted from the In Tray are hidden from all users except from the original recipient and FYI Admins. Refer to Deleting a Document.
  • Clicking a job on the Job Board to open it, now automatically selects the job.



  • If an email or document in the thread has attachments, this shows a paperclip icon next to the document name in the Threads section in the Drawer. Refer to Managing Email Threads.


  • You can integrate FYI with market leading providers BGL to automatically import the information from this third-party provider for your clients. Information is imported from BGL overnight and automatically filed against the relevant client as a document in FYI. Refer to Import from BGL.



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