Connecting your NowInfinity account to FYI

You can integrate FYI with the market-leading provider NowInfinity to automatically import the information from this third-party provider for your clients. Information is imported from NowInfinity overnight and automatically filed against the relevant client as a document in FYI.

The ASIC annual statements are displayed in the Client - Corporate Affairs tab. This provides a summary of the ASIC annual statements. This shows the current information from the ASIC register concerning the company such as name of officeholders, registered address, share structure etc. and the status of the statements (for example, if the annual review fee has been paid).

  • Annual company statements are imported as PDFs from NowInfinity.
  • ASIC documents are received as a Web Link to the document in NowInfinity, not the full documents as PDF.
  • When signed copies of documents are imported from NowInfinity, the workflow Status of the document in FYI is set to "Client Signed".

Refer to Client Corporate Affairs.

For details of the reports that can be imported from NowInfinity, and details of how to set up the  Automation process to import, refer to Import from NowInfinity.

As of 20/01/2022, connecting the NowInfinity app in FYI uses OAuth authentication. Connections made prior to this date are still valid and will still work correctly.

Connecting your NowInfinity account to FYI

To import from NowInfinity, you first need to connect your NowInfinity account to FYI.

Note: This is a one-off step and can only be done by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations.

  1. From FYI, click the Automation menu option.
  2. Go to the Apps tab.


  3. Click the cog icon next to NowInfinity to open the connection settings.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Login to your practice's NowInfinity account with the parent-level login details. This uses your OAuth authentication.

  6. Open the NowInfinity app again to display the Agent/Company Name that was connected and also the date and time of the Last Sync with NowInfinity.

  7. Toggle on Sync Sub Accounts to 'On' if you have sub-accounts linked to the connected account.
    When enabled, a comma-separated list of sub-accounts will display after ‘Last Sync’.


  • For existing practices that currently have multiple connections set up, delete the existing connections then add a single connection with the parent-level login details and toggle on the Sync Sub Accounts setting. The list of sub-accounts will be displayed.

  • If you have more than one ASIC agent number and prefer to connect a NowInfinity account for each, you can click Connect again and connect to each in turn.
    • There is currently a known issue that when connecting your NowInfinity to multiple accounts and when you log in to the additional accounts in NowInfinity, this does not give the option to select the specific account. It appears that this connects again to the first account that was connected.
    • As a workaround, when connecting to more than one NowInfinity account, you need to have a different email address for each NowInfinity account. When connecting to the second and further accounts, you need to log in with the email address that has been set up for each account.
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