Previewing Documents as Read Only

To open one or more documents as Read Only, select the document(s) and click Read. This can be used for Emails and/or documents.

It allows you to open the emails and/or documents for read only without locking them from other users for edit access. They open in separate tabs in your browser. This allows you to tab through the open emails/documents.

  1. In FYI, select the document(s) you want to read in one of the lists. For information on how to select multiple documents, refer to Selecting Documents in a List in Using the Documents Lists.

  2. Click the Read button in the tool bar. Or right-click and select Read from the tool bar pop-up menu (refer to Using the Document Action Tool Bar).


Each document opens in a separate tab in the browser.

You can also use the Preview function to see a quick snapshot of the contents of a document in FYI in the same browser tab. Refer to Previewing a Document.


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