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You can integrate FYI with the market-leading provider NowInfinity to automatically import the information from this third-party provider for your clients. Information is imported from NowInfinity overnight and automatically filed against the relevant client as a document in FYI.

The ASIC annual statements are displayed in the Client - Corporate Affairs tab. This provides a summary of the ASIC annual statements. This shows the current information from the ASIC register concerning the company such as the name of officeholders, registered address, share structure etc and the status of the statements (for example, if the annual review fee has been paid).

  • Annual company statements are imported as PDFs from NowInfinity.
  • ASIC documents are received as a Web Link to the document in NowInfinity, not the full documents as PDF.
  • Signed copies of documents imported from NowInfinity are filed separately from unsigned copies in FYI. 
  • Refer to Client Corporate Affairs.

Notes on the Import from NowInfinity

  • NowInfinity documents are synced to FYI every day at 4 am. Any documents received after that time will be available in FYI the following day. The date and time of the Last Sync with NowInfinity can be found in the NowInfinity app in Automation - Apps. Refer to Connecting your NowInfinity account to FYI.

  • The FYI automation matches on ACN and will only import documents where the ACN in NowInfinity matches the ACN in your practice management software. Any spaces in the ACN will be ignored. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, the automation will only trigger documents to be imported if the client record in Xero Practice Manager contains the ACN, and the ACN is a direct match to what is held in NowInfinity. ACNs must be unique to a client, and not shared with any other client.

  • NowInfinity gives you the ability to create companies, but you will only see documents if you have added the client to your ASIC agent number via form 362. Once the client has been added to your ASIC agent number, the FYI automation will then check NowInfinity for the incorporation documents and add a link to the client in FYI if it is able to match the ACN.

  • To bundle the Company Statement and Invoice into a single collated PDF, change the Display Invoice As option to "A Part of Annual Statement" in NowInfinity. 

  • 484 documents are not included in NowInfinity's API. As a result, these documents will not synchronise to FYI.

The following documents can be imported from NowInfinity:

  • Constitution Standard Company
  • Consent Of Occupier
  • Minutes
  • ASIC Certificate
  • Invoice
  • Form 201
  • Legal Scope Statement
  • Signing Summary (signed)
  • Invoice (signed)
  • ASIC 480 Cover letter for Annual Statements (signed)
  • ASIC Company Statement and Solvency Resolution
  • ASIC Company Statement and Solvency Resolution
  • ASIC Company Statement and Solvency Minutes

To Import from NowInfinity

  1. First, link your NowInfinity account to FYI. Refer to Connecting your NowInfinity account to FYI.

  2. Set up the Automation Processes to run the import.
    There are two processes for NowInfinity:
  • ASIC Statement and Resolution - Import & AutoFile
  • Corporate Documents - Import & AutoFile

An FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations, needs to check the Automation Processes and set them as "Active".

Configure the Import Process

Edit the Process

  1. From FYI, click the Automation menu option.
  2. Go to the Processes tab.
  3. Locate the process ASIC Statement and Resolution - Import & AutoFile or Corporate Documents - Import & AutoFile, and click the cog icon to edit the process. 


To make the process active, change the Status to "Active".

The Trigger is "New Document".

The Filter for these processes is set to "Document Source is NowInfinity Document" or "Document Source is NowInfinity Statement".

The Owner is set by default as the user who made the process active and this can be changed if required. If the process fails, an email will be sent to this user as a notification. You can set this as "Me" to set yourself as the owner.

Start From allows you to enter the date from which you want to start retrieving the documents. If you enter a date in the past, this will import documents from that date, This will only import documents that have not already been imported.

Note: If you need to reset the process, for example, if the step was deleted, click Reset. This will restore the process back to the default configurations. 

Process Step(s)

The steps import from NowInfinity with the Action is set to Import NowInfinity Document or Import NowInfinity Statement and set the filing details for the documents that are imported. The following shows the default settings for Import NowInfinity Document.


For NowInfinity Documents, the Name of the document is set as the original name as imported from NowInfinity.

AutoFile is disabled so the document will be filed using the settings in this process step.

The Cabinet is set as "Corporate Affairs" so the document is included in the Client - Corporate Affairs tab.

The Year is set to Trigger Year. To file the document using the {{ ComplianceYear }} merge field, select "Merge Field" from the drop-down.  The Merge Field pop-up will be displayed, select Corporate Affairs - Year.

In the Workflow section, the Owner is set as the client's Manager. This will send the document to the client's Manager's In Tray.

Set the Filing option to "Filed". 

You can change any options for Filing, Workflow, creating a Task, and enabling Comments as required (refer to Automation Notifications). You can add steps if required (refer to Automation Process Steps).

Note: The Workflow Status options available in the drop-down will depend on the Approval Level assigned to the user in their User Profile. For example, a User with an Approval Level of None will not be able to view or select "Approved". Refer to Workflow Basics and Managing Users.

Once the connection has been made with FYI, and the processes have been set up and set to "Active", any new documents or changes in status to a document in NowInfinity, are automatically imported into FYI.

If you are experiencing a delay in the Upload of Documents

The upload of documents from NowInfinity to FYI may take 24 hours.

If you are experiencing a delay in the upload of documents from NowInfinity to FYI, you may need to raise a query with NowInfinity about why the documents took a few days to be made available to FYI.

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