Creating Templates for PDF

Templates can be set up for PDFs. When creating PDF documents in FYI, a Template must be selected. Refer to Creating Documents from Templates and Stationery.

Create the PDF to use in FYI Templates

FYI Templates use existing PDFs that contain all the images, text and editable fields that will be brought into a document when it is created in FYI. It is likely you already have these prepared in your practice. Either create or locate the PDF for any standard text, layout or format that you want to incorporate as Templates in FYI.

Creating PDF Templates in FYI

Templates can only be set up and maintained by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Templates (refer to Managing User Groups). The PDF contents needs to be added as an existing PDF file. This can be done by creating the Template and selecting or dragging and dropping the existing PDF file into the Create PDF drawer or import the file by drag and drop onto the Knowledge - Templates list.

Note: When you create a new PDF template, by the default the Status is set to "Draft". If you have the "Active" view selected, the newly created Draft template will not be shown. Before creating a new template, it is recommended to change the selected view to "All"  so it includes the Draft templates.

  1. From FYI, click the Knowledge menu option.
  2. Go to the Templates tab.
  3. Click the drop-down next to the Create template button and select PDF.


  4. Select any of the Template Categories as relevant to the template.

  5. Click Choose a file to select from Explorer the PDF file that holds the text, any images (for example, your company logo) any editable fields that will be used as the template.
    Drag and drop the file.
    To delete the selected file, click the X in the top right-hand corner of the file area.

  6. Additional fields will be displayed. 


  7. Enter the Template Name. This is used to identify the template internally. This is automatically set as the name of the file being uploaded but can be changed if needed. 

  8. Enter the Name. This is the name of the PDF file is displayed when the file is created from the template. 

    To customise the Name each time a PDF is created, Merge Fields can be added to the Name field, for example "{{ ClientName }}" to insert the Client Name. Refer to the FYI Merge Fields Comprehensive Guide for a list of Merge Fields.

  9. Click Create. The drawer displays.

  10. The Template is initially set as "Draft". In the Filing section change the Status if needed and optionally add the AutoFile Defaults.

Or, Import a PDF file(s) using drag and drop.

  1. Drag and drop one PDF file onto the Knowledge - Templates view
  2. The Import drawer displays the file and sets the Name or the Template to the PDF filename. Select the categories and change the name, if required.
  3. Click Create and change any Filing or AutoFile Defaults.

Or, drag and drop more than one PDF file

  1. Drag and drop multiple PDF files onto the Knowledge - Templates view. A template for each is created.
  2. Edit each template in turn to select the categories, change the Name and Template Name if required, and change any Filing or AutoFile Defaults settings.

Making Changes to a PDF Template

You can make changes to the Template Filing details or to the AutoFile Defaults at any time. You can also upload a different PDF file if needed.

  1. Select the Template in the Knowledge - Templates list to display the drawer.

  2. Expand the Filing or AutoFile Defaults section and make any changes. In the Upload section, you can select a different PDF file to add the contents to the template.
    Changes to the Filing, AutoFile Defaults or content are recorded in the Activity

When the contents of a template are changed, this updates the current version. You can see a record of the versions in the Versions section in the drawer of the Template. If you have selected a previous version of the document, you can select Set as Current, Read or Delete (to delete the selected version). Refer to Version History and Creating a New Document Version.

Merge Fields

Merge Fields cannot be used in PDF Templates except for the Template Name. The Name field supports the use of Merge Fields so that you can personalise the name of the PDF document automatically when created using a template.

Click here to download the FYI Merge Fields Comprehensive Guide for a list of Merge Fields that you can copy and paste into your Templates (or download the file from the bottom of this article).

Note: If you are using Chrome as your browser, the link may not automatically download the document. You need to right-click on the download link above, select Copy link address and paste it into a new browser tab in the browser's URL field.


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