Stapled Documents

You can use the Staple function to staple a set of associated emails and/or documents together. This can be used to represent the documents being sent together. It is also useful to collate documents to send for internal review. It also keeps the documents together so they can be viewed at the same time in the Stapled section on any of the documents.

Displaying the Stapled List (see below) is a useful way to access all the documents at the one time.

Note: You can Staple any emails and/or documents together. These can be any types of documents and those from different Clients or those that belong to different Client Groups.

Stapling Documents

To Staple documents:

  1. Select more than one document in a list with the checkbox on the left-hand side of the list. The Staple button displays in the tool bar. Refer to Selecting Documents in a List in Using the Documents Lists.

  2. Click Staple.

  3. The documents are stapled together and display the Stapled icon in lists.

    When you select one of the stapled documents, the documents it is stapled to are listed in the Stapled section in the drawer.

From the Stapled section in the Drawer, you can click a document to display it in the Drawer and in the list.

Stapled Documents List

On the list, click the Stapled icon to display the Stapled Documents List. This displays the list with only the documents that are stapled together.


You can also display the Stapled Documents list by clicking the View link in the Stapled section of the Drawer of the selected document.

The Stapled Documents list displays as follows.


Clicking Clear Staple Filter re-displays the list with all the documents.

Adding a Document to the Stapled Documents

You can add one or more documents to those that are already stapled. Click the checkbox to select any one of the documents in the stapled group. Then select the additional document(s) and click Staple. The additional document(s) are added to that staple.

Unstapling Documents

Click the X icon next to the relevant document(s) in the Stapled section in the Drawer.

Creating a Doc Link for Stapled Documents

When you have selected a Stapled document, the Doc Link function includes the option to create a Doc Link to the stapled documents package. This creates a hyperlink to the package of stapled documents which can be pasted inside or outside of FYI. Refer to Copying, or Inserting, and Opening a Document Link.

Exporting all the Documents in a Stapled Package

When displaying a package of stapled documents, you can select all or any of the documents and export them using the Export button. Refer to Exporting Documents.

Note: Export cannot be used for certain FYI documents such as Draft Emails, Web Links, File Notes, Meetings, Phone Calls.


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