The Document Migration Process

The successful migration of your historical documents into FYI is a fundamental part of onboarding.

The following article will explain the overall process of migration documents to FYI. 

Data that is Migrated

Wherever possible, your documents will be migrated across to FYI with the relevant metadata, such as document name, created date.  Our ability to do so will depend on the exact circumstances of your historical data.  Refer to What data is migrated into FYI?

In addition to your Client files, other documents that could be migrated across to FYI include knowledge documents such as company policies, procedures, and templates, etc.

To date, practices have successfully migrated data into FYI from the following platforms: 

  • SuiteFiles
  • SharePoint
  • HowNow
  • Nimbus
  • Windows Explorer
  • Virtual Cabinet
  • HandiSoft
  • DropBox 
  • Google Drive
  • IRIS Docs
  • CCH Document Centre

For more information, refer to What data is migrated into FYI?.

The FYI Client Success team can work with you to coordinate the migration of your data to align with an agreed go live date for FYI.  Our aim is to deliver a clean transition to FYI, with your team having access to their historical documents from day 1.

Please book a Discovery Meeting to discuss the best approach for your practice and pricing options for our assisted onboarding services. Refer to Booking your Discovery Meeting.

The Migration Process

Our process begins consists of four steps:

  1. Setting up your Filing Structure
  2. Data Mapping
  3. Data Migration
  4. Post Migration Admin

Click here to download our Onboarding Guide for further information. 

Setting up your Filing Structure

As part of the trial experience, FYI comes shipped with a best practice structure to get you started. Your Onboarding Consultant will then work with you to set up your filing structure in FYI for both client and non-client documents. They will discuss your current structure as well as advise on best practice to ensure a successful change.

Data Mapping

A meeting with your Onboarding Consultant will be held to map your current document folders to your new filing structure in FYI. We will also discuss how the documents will auto-match to Clients and Years and any additional tidy up requirements prior to the data migration starting. 

Data Migration

Your Onboarding Consultant will provide the FYI Migrate App to initiate live syncing of documents from your legacy document management system into FYI. Your team will continue to work without interruption. They will create and edit documents in your legacy system, and these will be synced hourly to your FYI platform. 

Your documents will be imported into FYI and filed to your specified Cabinets and Categories. Cabinet and client security will be set up prior to your documents syncing to ensure secure access is maintained.

A Migration Cut-Off Date will be agreed as part of your onboarding plan. This is normally at 3pm AEST one business day prior to your ‘Go-Live’ date.

Any documents created and edited after the agreed cut-off date are no longer being synced by FYI. They will need to be saved locally and imported into FYI after your Go-Live date.

Refer to How to Use the FYI Migrate App.

Post-Migration Admin

After your documents have been imported into FYI, you can perform a few simple admin tasks to ensure they are stored correctly. Your Onboarding Consultant or FYI Implementor will guide you on how to perform these steps: 

  • Identifying and Resolving Unmatched Clients
  • Review Migration Audit Report
  • Nominating the Client to include in AutoFile
  • Updating Filing Details of Documents

Refer to Post Migration Admin.

More Information

For more information, refer to Our Guide to Implementing FYI

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