Emails Sent, Received and Draft and Mail Register Views

In the Documents list, and in Client - Documents tab for a selected client, there are various views that are used as a "mail register". These are also useful to locate an email or document so you can check when and how it was sent or received.


Emails - Sent, Received, Draft

  • Emails - Sent and Emails - Received views display the view with the Delivery column. This shows whether the email was sent or received.
  • Emails - Draft displays all emails that are still in draft.

Mail Register - Sent, Received, Draft

The selection of views also includes the Mail Register views. These show the delivery status of all non-email documents.

Mail Register - By Reference. If required, you can set up a Mail Register - By Reference view that displays all non-email documents and includes the FYI Reference number. Refer to Unique Document Reference Number.

Adding Sent On and Delivery Columns to Other Views

You can include the column Sent On to show the relevant date and time that the email was sent or received. You can also include the Delivery column in other lists. Refer to Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in a List.

Activity Section

When a document has been sent as an attachment, the Activity section in the drawer shows "Marked as Sent" with the date and time and the person who sent it.

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