Preparing for your Discovery Meeting

The Discovery Meeting allows the FYI team to learn about your practice and to develop an onboarding plan to suit your requirements.

Please come prepared with the following information:

About your Practice:

  • How many potential FYI users?
  • Are you already using Microsoft 365 and Xero Practice Manager, or other practice management software?
  • Where are your documents currently stored? Are they in a database or folder based system? 
  • What is your preferred go live date?

Your Data Migration Requirements:

  • Size of the document store you want to migrate to FYI
  • Your historical filing structure
  • Your preferred filing structure in FYI 

Checking the Size of Your Historical Document Store

Depending on your legacy document management software, your client documents can be located in one of a number of locations:

  • In the Windows Explorer directory that you manually manage.
  • In the Windows Explorer directory managed by a system such as HowNow, MYOB Document Manager etc.
  • In the cloud managed by systems such as DropBox or Box.

In each instance, to check the size of your document store, number of documents and folders, you need to find the location of where your documents are stored and check the folder properties.

An example is shown below:


Note: FYI provides 50gb of disc space per user when importing documents. For example, 10 FYI users x 50gb = 500gb of disk space.

If you need assistance locating the size of your document store, please contact your IT team.

Your Historical Filing Structure

It is important to consider how consistent and disciplined the filing of your historical documents has been. We recommend you review your filing structure prior to the Discovery meeting, so that we can assist and assess how we are able to migrate this into FYI.

Ideally, your historical documents would be in a consistent structure, to ensure a smooth transition to FYI. At minimum, if your data is stored in a folder based system, such as SharePoint, we require all client details (codes or names) to be at one level.

Further guidance will be provided by the FYI team as part of the Onboarding process.

Your Nominated Filing Structure in FYI

Your filing structure can follow our best practice recommendation or be customised for your practice. The latter is most common for practices wanting to maintain the structure from their historical database system. 

When filing documents in FYI, a Cabinet must be chosen as well as any required Categories. If filing to a Client, the Client must also be selected. Refer to Setting up your Cabinets and Categories for further information on the default Cabinets and Categories of our best practice. 

Location of Client Code

If your historical document store consists of client codes, this plays an important part of the migration process. We recommend confirming that the client code is stored in your Practice Management software to ensure a smooth matching process when migrating to FYI. 

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