Unique Document Reference Number

Every document and email in FYI has a unique, internal reference number.

Locating the Reference Number

The Reference is included in the information displayed at the top of the Drawer.


When editing a document through OneDrive, the Reference is added to the document name displayed at the top of the screen.

The Reference can also be displayed in the lists and you can sort on the Reference column.

The Reference displays in the lists as follows (refer to Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in the Documents Lists and Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists).


Searching for a Reference Number

You can use the Reference number to search for a document, even when the Reference column is not displayed in the list. You can enter all or part of the Reference.


Reference Number Merge Field

The Reference Number can be included in Email templates by selecting the Reference Number Merge Field when setting up the template in FYI.

In the templates or stationery for Email, Word or Excel documents you can include the <<ReferenceNumber>> Merge Field in the document that is used for the FYI template or stationery. Refer to the articles in the sections Templates and Stationery and Templates and Signatures for Email.

Note: Prior to 28 October 2020, the Reference Number was prefixed by the initials of the user who created the email or document (for example, LH-018224).

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