Booking your Discovery Meeting

Discovery Meeting is the first step in developing an onboarding plan for your practice. 

The Discovery Meeting is held with an FYI New Business Manager at no cost and allows us to learn about your practice and recommend an onboarding strategy to suit your unique requirements

Booking your Discovery Meeting

Your Discovery Meeting can be booked here and the Easy Onboarding page on our website gives an overview of our simple and effective onboarding process. 

If you have already started an FYI 30-Day Free Trial, within FYI you can book via the Onboarding Wizard.

  1. From within FYI, click on the yellow Onboard Now button at the top of the FYI screen to access to the Onboarding Wizard.
  2. Open the Discovery section of the Onboarding Wizard  901_Onboarding_Workspace.gif
  3. Click Book Meeting and select a date and time that is convenient for you.

Preparing for your Discovery Meeting

We would love if you could answer the following questions when we meet for the Discovery meeting: 

  • Where are your documents currently stored? 

    Advise which document management software (s) currently hold the documents for your practice. 

  • How much data do you want to migrate? 

    This is an approximation of the data stored in the system(s) you wish to migrate into FYI. We will ask for the data size during the Discovery Meeting.

  • Desired Go Live date 

    This is the date you would like your document migration to be completed. This simply gives us a time frame to work towards and will be confirmed based on availability during your Kick-Off Meeting with your Onboarding Consultant. 

For additional information, refer to Our Guide to Implementing FYI and Preparing for your Discovery Meeting.

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