How can I save files to archived clients?

In the Clients workspace you can display and open clients that have been archived. To save files to an archived client, you need to use drag and drop and copy the files onto the Client - Documents tab.

  1. Display the Clients list on the Clients workspace.
  2. Click the filter for the Status column.
  3. You can either filter only on "Archived", or you can include these with the "Active" clients.
    The Clients list includes archived clients which display "Archived" in yellow next to the Client Name.

  4. Locate the relevant client and click the client name to open the details.
  5. Display the Documents tab.
  6. Drag and drop the relevant file onto the Documents tab.
  7. The Import is displayed in the drawer with the client name automatically selected.
  8. Enter or select the filing details and click Create.

Refer also to Drag and Drop.

Note: This method is not optimal for Emails. If you need to save emails to an archived client, an alternative method is to first save the emails (from Outlook, using Save As and save the .msg filed to a folder or to your desktop) and then import the email file with drag and drop using the method above.


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