Why does the text from a Template not appear when I create a Word document using both Stationery and a Template?

I am creating a Word document in FYI and selecting both a Stationery and a Template but the text and merge fields from the Template are not appearing.

The Stationery does not include a Body Bookmark. This indicates where to include the text.

The Bookmark in the Stationery must have the name Body and this needs to be inserted in the Word document that is used for the FYI Stationery.

For details of how to add the Body bookmark to the Word Stationery, refer to Creating Stationery for Word.


Note: If you are having an issue with headers and/or footers when both a Template and Stationery are being used, check that headers/footers are only used in one of these, not both as this can cause the Stationery to not work as expected. 


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