Updating and Actioning Tasks from the Drawer

Tasks can be updated and actioned from the Drawer.

This is where you can:

  • Preview an email or document related to the Task
  • Add Comments to the Task
  • Update the Task and filing details
  • Open an email or document related to the Task
  • Add Time for a Task

Displaying the Drawer

The following is an example of the Task drawer with the Editor pane opened.

As a Task progresses, some typical updates and actions might include those detailed below.

Previewing an Email or Document Related to the Task

Where the Task relates to an email or documents, the Preview pane allows you to preview the email or document related to the Task.

Refer to Previewing an Email and Previewing a Document.

Adding Comments to the Task

The Comments pane allows questions, task updates and commentary to be added to specific tasks, assisting in team collaboration. Refer to Using Comments on Tasks.

Updating the Task and Filing Details

You can update key details related to the Task, such as:

  • Name - You can change the name to more accurately describe the subject of the task.

Click the Name field, make the change and click the Tick icon to save the change (or click the X icon to not save the change).


  • Delegator - change to reflect the team member delegating the Task
  • Filing Details - ensure the Task is assigned to the correct Job, Cabinet and Category
  • Start Date and Due Date - change to keep up-to-date with when the Task starts or is due.
  • Status - when the Status of a task is marked as Complete, an email is sent to notify the original delegator and the task list in FYI is updated.
  • Details - add further information to accurately describe the Task

Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

Adding Time for a Task

Click the Add Time icon at the top of the drawer to add a Time entry for the task. Refer to Time Overview.


Opening an Email or Document related to the Task

If a task has been created for an email or document, the name of the original email or document will display in the Document field of the Task Drawer.

You can click the Preview pane to display a preview of the document,

Clicking the link displays the drawer of the relevant email or document.

To re-display the task, click the Back button.


Opening the Client related to the Task

Where a Task has been attached to a Client, in the Update Task drawer you can re-display the Client by clicking the Open Client icon.


Opening a Job related to the Task

Where a Task has been attached to a Job, in the Update Task drawer you can re-display the Job by clicking the Open Job icon.


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