How do I add a Client, and add a Client to a Group, when integrated with Xero Practice Manager?

For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, adding a client to a group needs to be done within Xero Practice Manager. You will, firstly, need to make sure that the group already exists by searching for the group name using Search.

  • If the Group already exists follow the steps in Adding a Client to a Group.
  • If the group does not exist, you will need to first create the Group following the steps below in Adding Groups.

Adding Groups

1. Login to your Xero Practice Manager account.

2. Click Clients and select the Groups tab.


3. Click New Group.

4. Enter the name of the group in the Group Name field.

5. Click Save.


Adding a New Client and adding it to a Group

Once a new group is added, you can add the client by clicking on the Clients tab. 



1. Click the + New Client button.

2. Fill out the New Client form and click Save.

3. Once saved, click + Add to Groups.

4. Enter the name of the required Group to search for it.

5. Click the checkbox to select the required Group and click the Add button.




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