How can I store documents that are not for a client in FYI, or save a document that is not associated to any clients? ?

There are many things that FYI relies on client information for, so we do not currently allow filing to ‘No Client’.

For internal cabinets (such as "Practice Admin"), we suggest filing documents to an 'internal client'. The 'internal client' needs to be created as a client in your practice management software. It can be set up with the name of practice, or a placeholder client with a name such as “Internal Client” or “External”.

Knowledge Cabinets

There is one exception to the requirement for a client to be selected when filing documents. You can add documents to a Knowledge Cabinet without selecting a client. Refer to Using Knowledge Cabinets.

Specific cabinets (such as "Policies and Procedures" or "Knowledge Base") can be configured with Enabled Knowledge set as "On". When documents are filed under these Knowledge Cabinets, no client needs to be selected so these cabinets can then be used for internal documents. Refer to Managing Cabinets.

You can also configure the security for who can access these cabinets via the user groups. Refer to Managing User Groups.


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