Displaying Information for a Client

To view information specific to an individual Client, click on a Client Name in a list to display the Client Workspace. The Client Name in any list is a hyperlink to directly display the Client Workspace.

You can also use the Quick Access drop-down for recently used clients (refer to Quick Access to Recently Used Clients and Views).

The Client Workspace has tabbed pages from where you can view information, documents, tasks, and jobs specific to a Client or Client Group.

You can change the order in which you want the tabs to display. Drag and drop a tab to the position you want to show it. The sequence will be remembered so will stay in that sequence when you change to a different screen and also when you log out and log in again.

The Client  - Summary tab displays initially.

Tip: Click and drag tabs to rearrange them in your preferred order. Refer to Changing the order of Workspace Tabs.

2227 Client Summary for Individual.gif

If you have selected a Group, the information in the Client Workspace relates to all the clients in the selected Group. Refer to Displaying Information for Client Groups.

Video Walkthrough
For a video walkthrough of this feature, refer to Navigating the Client Workspace.

The Client Workspace includes the following tabbed pages:

  • Summary includes client and group information, client details, recent documents and tasks related to each client. This is also where you can create a record of a phone call, file note or meeting. Refer to Client Summary.

  • Custom Fields displays any Client Custom Fields that have been set up in your practice management software or in FYI. Refer to Client Custom Fields.

  • Contacts displays the Contacts held for that client in your practice management software. Refer to Client Contacts.

  • Relationships displays a list of relationships the client shares with other clients, for example Directors, Partners, Shareholders etc. Refer to Client Relationships.
  • Tax displays Tax returns imported from Xero Tax. The Client - Tax tab is available for Australia sites only. Refer to Client Tax.

  • Settings includes any Client Settings for auto-filing (such as Cabinets and Categories), sending attachments and Jobs (if relevant). Refer to Client Settings.

  • Activity - The Activity tab displays an audit trail of changes made to the Client. This includes changes made to the Client Custom Fields.

  • Jobs displays jobs that have been synchronised from your practice management software. This is a handy tool for monitoring open Jobs by Client. Refer to Client Jobs.

  • The Documents and Tasks tabs display documents and tasks that are specific to the Client. Refer to Client Documents and Client Tasks.

  • Corporate Affairs shows a summary of annual ASIC statements, if you are integrated with BGL or NowInfinity. When imported from NowInfinity, Annual company statements are imported as PDFs from NowInfinity. ASIC documents are received as a Web Link to the document in NowInfinity, not the full documents as PDF.
    This tab is not displayed for UK sites.
    Refer to Client Corporate Affairs, refer to Import from BGL and Import from NowInfinity.

  • Apps shows any third parties with which the client is integrated. You use this tab to connect a client to Xero Tax. Refer to Client Apps.

  • Processes displays any Custom Processes that have been set up  to run manually and that can be run for selected clients. These can be run manually from the Processes tab for the selected client.

    Process History is an automatic log of any automation Processes that have run for the client, with the Status as "Success", "Error" or "Progress".

    Refer to Client Processes and Process History.

  • The Process History Checklist is displayed from the Process History and displays a summary of the steps in the process. Refer to Client Process History Checklist.

  • Collaborate displays all documents that have been shared with the client via Collaborate (stored on OneDrive). Refer to Client - Collaborate Tab.

  • Security can only be changed by an FYI Admin. The Client Security function is only available for practices on the Pro plan. Client Security allows an FYI Admin to limit complete access to that client to one or more specific users. When Client Security is enabled for a client, only an FYI Admin or the users who have been given access will see any information about the client. If a user who is not an FYI Admin has been given Security access to client, they can access the Client - Security tab and see all the users who have been given access to that client, but only an FYI Admin can make any changes to the security access to a client. Refer to Client Security.
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