Using the Document Action Toolbar

When you click on an email, document, task or job in a list to select it, buttons display in the Toolbar with additional functions. The relevant buttons also display when multiple documents are selected in a list.

  • The Toolbar functions display as relevant for a specific list and for the type of information selected.
  • Some functions are only relevant where what is selected has a certain status.
  • Some functions can be used for multiple items. Refer to Selecting Documents in a List in Using the Documents Lists for information on how to select multiple items.


When needed, such as when the drawer for an item is open, the toolbar wraps to a new line.

Displaying the Toolbar as a Pop-up Menu

You can also display the tools as a pop-up menu. This is also useful if you have scrolled down and are working on something that is at the bottom of the list so the toolbar is not visible.

To display the toolbar functions as a pop-up menu:

  • Right-click over an email, document, task or job in a list.
  • When hovering over an email, document, task or job in a list, a vertical ellipsis icon displays next to the name. You can click this to access the tools from the pop-up menu in the same way as right-clicking over the item.

Displaying the Action Toolbar displays as follows.


The toolbar pop-up menu gives you access to the same functions as those displayed in the toolbar for that item. 

An extra Open in new tab option is available when right-clicking on either the Client Group, Client, or Job links. Once clicked, the corresponding Client - Documents Workspace will be opened in a new browser tab.


Where there are sub-functions, click the arrow in the pop-up menu to display these within the sub-menu.


The following is an example of the pop-up menu for a draft email.


If an email, document, task or job is already selected in a list, you can still right-click over it to display the pop-up menu.

Note: As the pop-up toolbar menu is only applicable for a single item, this does not display if more than one is selected in a list.

Summary of the Tools

Toolbar Function Description






To edit a document, click Edit.

To edit, and reply to an email, click the relevant part of the Reply Reply All Forward button. Refer also to Replying to or Forwarding an Email.

When you open a document, FYI will automatically check that no other user currently has it out for editing. This stops two people trying to make changes at the same time and so avoids any loss of work or saves conflicts.  

For documents created in one of the core Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Edit will open the document using your default method of Desktop or Online (in the browser). From the drop-down in the Edit button, you can select the alternative method. Refer to Opening and Editing a Document. Refer also to Co-editing an Internal Document.

For other documents such as a PDF or image, when you Edit a document this creates a copy of the file in your OneDrive, which you can open for editing in a relevant application.



To open one or more documents as Read Only, select the document(s) and click Read. It allows you to open emails and documents for read-only without locking the document from other users for edit access.

The documents will open in separate tabs. Refer to Previewing Documents as Read Only.



You can open a job from the Jobs List to see additional information and also to see all the emails/documents and tasks that have been filed against a specific job.

Select a job in the Jobs List by clicking the job Name and click the Open button on the toolbar.


For a Draft email, you can use the Send button to send the email. Or use the Draft in FYI or Draft in Outlook to save the draft email again.

Note: Emails saved as "Draft in Outlook" are marked as "Sent" in FYI immediately, and should be managed from Outlook directly from that point onwards. The Workflow Status will be set to "Completed".



Copy lets you take an existing document and make a new copy of it that can be refiled either within the same Client or to another Client. Select the document, click Copy and confirm the copy.

The copied document is automatically displayed as selected in the document list with the drawer open. 

Copy cannot be used on Emails.


Delete allows you to 'soft delete' documents.

This lets you delete unwanted information, but the documents are not permanently removed until someone with authority has confirmed it.

Select the document(s), click Delete and confirm the delete.

Permanently deleting a document is restricted to FYI Admins only.

Refer to Deleting Documents and Recovering Deleted Documents and Deleting Emails and Recovering Deleted Emails.



Doc Link creates a hyperlink to the selected document within FYI. The Doc Link is copied to your clipboard and can be pasted outside of FYI.

Doc Link can be used in emails to other internal users, as a reference to the document ensuring they access the most recent version.

As a default, the Doc Link is copied so it will be opened as a Preview. If you want the document to automatically open when clicked, you can copy the Doc Link as "Open". 

To copy a link so it can be opened when pasted into an Excel document, click the button next to Doc Link and select Excel.

When you have selected a Stapled document, the Doc Link function includes the option to create a Doc Link to the stapled documents package.

When a user is directed to a document via a Doc Link, this opens the Clients - Documents tab with the relevant document selected and the drawer open.

Note: A Link will always open the highest version of the document.

Refer to Copying, or Inserting, and Opening a Document Link.


Task Link creates a hyperlink to the selected task. The Task Link is copied to your clipboard and can be pasted outside of FYI.

A Task Link can be used in emails to other internal users, as a reference to the task.

When a user is directed to a document via a Task Link, this opens the Tasks list with the relevant task selected and the drawer open.


Job Link creates a hyperlink to the selected job within FYI. The Job Link is copied to your clipboard and can be pasted outside of FYI.

A Job Link can be used in emails to other internal users, as a reference to the document ensuring they access the most recent version.

When a user is directed to the job via a Job Link, this opens the Jobs list with the relevant job selected and the drawer open.


If your practice is on the Pro plan, Share allows you to send FYI documents via email either as a native document or as PDF attachments. The underlying email is automatically filed in FYI and a record of the send is shown in the Activity of each document that is sent.

Note: If your practice is on the Intermediate plan, this shows as the Send button.

Refer to Sharing Documents with External Users via Email, Collaborate or myprosperity.


The Delivery button has three options, Mark Sent, Mark Received and Clear. These are used for information purposes to set the Delivery Status. Mark Sent allows you to manually set that a document has been sent physically. Mark Received lets you set that a document has been received. Clear allows you to clear the Delivery Status. This would usually be applied to Word, Excel, PDF or PowerPoint documents. 

Refer to Mail Register - Updating the Document Delivery Status as Sent or Received.


You can use Export if you want to take something out of FYI, for example, to have a local copy of a document. Refer to Exporting Documents.


For a Word or Excel Spreadsheet document, you can use Convert to create a PDF copy of a document. This is useful if you want to email the document as a PDF attachment.

The PDF is added as a new document. The filing details for the PDF copy are set as default as the same filing details as the Word or Spreadsheet document that it is a copy of.

Bulk Update allows you to update the filing information or Delivery Status of Multiple Documents. Refer to Bulk Update.


Time Entry allows you to create draft Time for the emails and documents that you have selected in a list. Refer to Adding Bulk Time Entries.


Staple allows multiple associated documents to be "stapled" together. Refer to Stapled Documents.

If you have selected a document, but want to deselect it, click Cancel. This also hides the function buttons at the top of the list.

If multiple documents have been selected, clicking Cancel removes any checkmarks in the Select checkboxes.


Signature is used to send PDF document(s) for signing. Refer to the section Sending Documents for Signature.


Move is used in the In Tray to move a Draft Filed email or document to another user's In Tray.


If you do not see a feature or a button on the FYI screen, refer to I do not see a feature, or there is a button missing on the FYI screen.


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