Comments and Notifications

The Comments feature allows questions, updates and commentary to be added to specific documents and tasks, assisting team collaboration. Email notifications can optionally be sent automatically to FYI users referenced in the Comments (refer below to Receiving Notifications as Emails).

Adding Comments

You can add Comments to documents and tasks in FYI and also from the FYI Drawer in Outlook and Office. Comments can be added to Templates, Word Stationery or Email Signatures.

For details, refer to Adding Comments and Notifying Team Members.


Home - My Comments

The My Comments tab in your Home displays a summary of any documents for which you have created a Comment or on which you have been mentioned. This displays the name of the person who created the Comment and it also displays the message. Click on the first line of the summary to display the details of the relevant document in the drawer with the Comment pane opened automatically.

You can filter the Home - My Comments by comments you are mentioned in or that you have created. You can also filter by date range, using either the "Fixed" option (to specify a Start and/or End Date) or the "Relative" option to return results based on a date range relative to the current date. For more information on these filters refer to Sorting and Filtering Document Lists.

Comments for Automation Processes

Automatic notifications can be set up via Comments that are defined and triggered as part of process automations. These set up an automatic alert system to ensure your practice is aware of any documents that have been imported, filed or changed automatically as a result of an Automation process. Refer to Automation Notifications.


Notifications about Comments, Tasks and Summary Notifications from a process, display in your Home - Notifications tab.


  • If you have been mentioned in a Comment, click on the first line in the Notification ("mentioned you in a document", "mentioned you in a job", "mentioned you in a task") to display the Task, or the Comment on a document.
  • If you have been assigned a Task, or if a task that you initiated has been completed, click on the first line in the Notification ("assigned you a task") to display the Task.
  • If you have been sent a a Comment by an Automation Process, or if a Process fails, click the link to display the document or Task the comment was created for, or to display the Process that failed (refer to Automation Notifications).
  • If you have been sent a Summary Notification by a Process, click the link to display a view that is filtered to display the clients, documents, tasks or processes that relate to the summary (refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications).

Where there is a long message in the Notifications, the first line is displayed with three dots (...).

Using the Alerts icon

The Alerts icon (the bell icon) in the top right-hand corner of the menu can also be used to display the Notifications tab in your Home.


If you have more than 99 notifications, hover the mouse over the Alerts icon to display the number of notifications in the tool tip.


Receiving Notifications as Emails

If you also want to also receive an email notification, you can configure your settings to do this. Refer also to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings.

  1. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down
  3. Go to the Profile tab.
  4. In Notification Mode, select "Email".

    If a user has an Alias set up in their User Profile, email notifications will be sent to the email address that is set up as the Alias. Refer to Managing Users.
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