Sticky Views

At the top of lists, there are selections for the views within that list.

If the Sticky Views setting is enabled, the view a user has selected is retained as the default until the user selects a different view. 

For example, in the Documents list, there is a View selector, for example, "All", "Deleted", Emails - Sent", "Mail Register - Draft" etc. For each list, there is one view which always displays as the default and users can select a different view to change what the list displays.

As well as the standard views, the drop-down will also include any saved views for that list (refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views).

Where there are more than 10 Views for the list, the View selector displays with a scroll bar.


The choice of which view to display in any list is retained not only for the rest of the session but also after logging out and logging in again. When a view has been selected, when the user displays another list and then returns to that list, or logs out and then logs in again, the same view is initially selected in the drop-down for a list.

For example, when viewing Home - My Tasks the user selects the View "Incomplete Tasks". The user then navigates to the Task Workspace and changes the View to "All Tasks". Upon returning to Home - My Tasks the view will display All Tasks.

Note: Any changes made to that view, for example, the addition of columns, or filters, will need to be saved to the view to be retained. Sticky Views will only remember which view has been selected, and not the column order. Refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.

To Enable Sticky Views

Sticky Views can be enabled by an FYI Admin. When this is enabled, it applies practice-wide, for all users.

  1. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select Practice Settings and then select General.
  3. The Settings tab will be displayed.
  4. Click the Sticky Views minus sign to tick the option.


When Sticky Views are enabled, if a view that would have been shown is deleted, redisplaying the relevant list displays the default view.

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