Adding a Task to a Job

You can add a Task to a Job that has been created in FYI. Whenever a Job has been selected as part of the Task details, the Task also displays in the Tasks tab of the Job workspace for that Job. It can also be accessed from the Tasks section of the drawer of the relevant Job. Refer to Displaying Tasks by Job.

A Task can be added to a Job:

  • From the drawer when a Job is opened.
  • When creating a new Task.

Adding a Task from the Open Job

  1. In FYI, in a Jobs list, open the Job drawer by clicking the Job in the list anywhere other than the Job Name, Client Group or Client.
    The Job drawer displays.
  2. Expand the Task section in the drawer to expand it.
  3. Click the Add Task Button.


    Create Task displays in the drawer with the Client and Job automatically selected.

  4. Enter the details of the Task. The additional fields can be displayed by expanding the Advanced section. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

    Note: When adding a Task from the Update Job drawer, the Job the Task is created for does not display.


Adding a Job when Creating a Task

When creating a Task (using the + button) you can select the Client and then select a Job, directly in the Create Task. You can also associate a Task to a Job when adding a Task to an email or document.


When selecting the Job, you can click Show Inactive Jobs to select an inactive Job.


Entering the Filing Details and Creating the Task

  1. In the Create Task drawer, select or enter the filing fields for the task, or change any defaults that have been given.

    Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

  2. Click Create.

The assignee is notified about the task and the task is displayed in Task lists. It can also be accessed from the Tasks section of the associated Job.

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