Digital Signatures using DocuSign

FYI can be integrated with digital signature providers DocuSign for digital signing.

The following describes how to send a document for signature using DocuSign. For information on how to set up the integration, refer to Integration with DocuSign.

Sending one or more Documents for Signature

All documents sent for signing must be a PDF.

Sending Multiple Documents
When sending multiple documents, it is recommended to change the Subject in FYI to indicate that a pack is being sent, for example, "2021 document pack". This will help you identify the individual document in FYI as well as the combined pack of documents.

Where multiple documents are being sent, they must be for the same client.

Note: There is a maximum of the combined documents of 35.65MB that can be sent in a DocuSign signature request and a message displays if this is exceeded.

  1. In FYI, on a list, select one or more PDF documents for a specific client.
  2. Click the Signature button in the toolbar. Or, for a single PDF, right-click and select Signature from the toolbar pop-up menu (refer to Using the Document Action Tool Bar).

  3. The Send for Signature drawer displays and includes the names of the document(s) that are being sent. This shows the filing details of the FYI Web Link document that will be created as a record of the document(s) that have been sent for signature.

    The Service used is automatically determined by the service you are using to sign the document (for example, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Annature, FuseSign or myprosperity). If you happen to have more than one service connected to FYI you will see a selection for Service in the Send for Signature so you can select which to use.


  4. The Client name is automatically selected.
    Note: If the client has a contact with the same email address as the client, the name of the Contact will be used. If there is no matching contact with the same email, the Name of the Client will be used.

  5. In the Workflow, the Status is automatically set as "Pending Client Signature".

  6. Include Reference must be set to "On". Every document in FYI has a unique reference number and this is automatically included in the file name of the document that is uploaded. FYI will use this reference number in the filename when bringing the signed document back into FYI (see below).

  7. Select the Service Status as "Draft" or "Send".

    Send allows you to completely automate the signature request and it is sent to the service immediately.

    Draft allows you to create a draft request within the service. You will then need to go into the service to complete the request and send it. This may be useful if you want to change the email sent or send the request to more than one person to sign.

  8. Subject - When sending a single document, the Subject is set as the name of the document.
    You can change the Subject.

    When sending multiple documents

    The Subject is set as the name of the document of the first document selected. You can change the Subject to be unique and to indicate that a pack of documents is being sent, for example, "2021 document pack". When sending multiple documents, if you leave the subject line as the original name, the merged documents will show as this name in FYI when the pack is returned from the signing service and this can cause confusion of what is the individual document what is the pack.

    Note: Changing the Subject will also change the name of the Web Link and the Signed document(s) when received back from the signing service.
    To keep the original document name, do not alter the Subject in FYI  but update the Subject directly in DocuSign. This will import the document(s) as the original name.

  9. Click Create. The underlying document(s) are automatically marked as sent.

A Web Link document is created as a record of the document(s) that have been sent for signature.

When sending a single document with the Service Status as "Send", the original document shows as a thread under the Web Link document.  You can display the Drawer for the Web Link and see the relevant documents in the Threads section of the Drawer. Threads for documents display in the same way as email threads. Refer to Managing Email Threads.


For multiple documents, the original documents show as stapled together and are also stapled to the Web Link. You can display the Drawer of any of the documents, or for the Web Link, and see the relevant documents in the Stapled section of the Drawer. Refer to Stapled Documents.


Opening the Web Link document

When you open the Web Link, you are prompted to log in to the digital signature provider.  The Manage screen displays from where you can see the document(s) that were sent for signing either in the Draft or Sent screen according to whether you selected "Draft" or "Send" as the Service Status.

Making Changes to the Draft PDF Document in FYI

Once a document is set as Draft for a signature, it automatically creates a Web Link and does not show as a PDF in FYI. If you need to make any changes to the PDF:

  1. In the Web Link, unlink the document in the Thread section of the drawer by clicking the Unlink icon next to the PDF (refer to Unlinking a Document from the Thread in Managing Email Threads).
  2. Delete the Web Link document.
  3. In the PDF, using the Workflow section of the drawer, change the Workflow Status to "Not Started".
  4. Edit and save the PDF document.
  5. Resend the PDF for signing.

Note: To edit the document, you need to have an Approval Level of "Approval" to be able to change the Workflow Status from "Pending Client Signature" to a previous Status. Refer to Workflow Basics and to Managing Users.

Editing the Document in DocuSign

If you need to edit the document in DocuSign after sending it from FYI, you need to log in to DocuSign with the account that was used to set up the integration in FYI (refer to Integration with DocuSign). Signing in using another DocuSign user does not allow the document to be edited.

When the Document is Signed in DocuSign

When using DocuSign to get your client to sign documents, you can configure DocuSign so that documents will be dropped back into your practice's OneDrive (see below for how this is configured). FYI is polling OneDrive. When the client has signed the document, FYI will bring the signed document back into FYI.

Using the unique reference number, FYI will update the underlying document as a higher version and automatically update the workflow status to "Client Signed".

For a single document, the signed PDF is automatically added to the top of the thread, then the Web Link document below this in the thread (as a record of the send) and then the original document. Threads for documents display in the same way as email threads. Refer to Managing Email Threads.

For multiple documents, these are automatically Stapled together along with the Web Link. Refer to Stapled Documents.

Configuring DocuSign to Upload Signed Documents

To set up DocuSign so that documents are dropped back into the users' folders FYI - My Imports in your practice's OneDrive so they can be brought in automatically to FYI, you need to set add the configuration to DocuSign. Refer to Configuring DocuSign to Upload Signed Documents in Integration with DocuSign.

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