Saving an Office Document to FYI

When creating a new document in an Office product, you can file it in FYI directly from Office.

When you have finished creating the new document, and no further changes are needed, you use the FYI Drawer to select the filing details for the document in FYI. 

Note: Before the file can be saved to FYI, it must be saved locally. An error will appear in the FYI Drawer when you click 'Create'. This is required to ensure the file format is respected during the saving process.

  1. Click the FYI icon in the Office ribbon menu. The FYI Drawer displays on the right-hand side.
    If you are prompted to login to FYI, enter your Microsoft account and password.

  2. Client - type at least three characters of the client name to display all clients containing those characters anywhere in the Client Name. Then click to select the required client. Refer also to Selecting a Client in the Filing Details and Refreshing the Clients.

    Categories - such as Cabinet, Work Type, Year. If Jobs are enabled for the selected Cabinet, you can also select a Job for the client (refer to the section Jobs and Setting Up Jobs in FYI).

    Tags and Keywords
    - If the selected Cabinet has been enabled for Tags and/or Keywords you will see these as additional Categories. You can create or select one or more Tags as additional categorisation. You can enter one or more Keywords that can be used when searching for the document. Refer to Tags and Keywords.

    Name - to identify the document internally in FYI, the name displays in the lists.

  3. Click Create


Note: Once you have clicked Create and the document is saved to FYI, any changes you make to that document will not be saved. If changes are needed, open the document from FYI and edit the document.

Note: Creating a document in this way does not give you access to certain other functions in FYI such as the Templates or Stationery set up in FYI.

There are other ways to file documents in FYI. Refer also to:
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