Displaying Jobs from Other Lists

Jobs for a specific client can also be displayed from the Client workspace and from your Home - My Jobs.

The same functions are available as in the Jobs List (such as hiding inactive jobs). Refer to Using the Jobs Lists.

When navigating between the Job features in Jobs, Client - Jobs and Home - My Jobs, and when you log out, your choice of the Board or List view is automatically retained.

Displaying Jobs from the Client Workspace

  1. From FYI, click Clients, search for and open a specific client on the Client workspace.
  2. Go to the Client - Jobs tab.

The Jobs that are available for that client are displayed. If you select to view a Client Group at the top of the Client Workspace, the Jobs list shows the jobs for all clients in that Client group and the list includes the Client column. The Documents and Tasks tabs in the Client workspace also include the Job Name.

The Client - Jobs tab displays as follows.


  • To open the full details of the Job, and to also see all the emails/documents and tasks that have been filed against a specific job, click the Job Name in the Client - Job list.
  • To display Update Job in the Drawer, click anything other than the Job Name or Client. With the Job selected, you can then click Open in the toolbar to open the job to see the full information.
  • To display the Jobs for the Client/Group as a board, click the Board button. Refer to Using the Jobs Board.


Displaying Jobs from your Home - My Jobs

You can display the Jobs assigned to you as Staff (you can see the assignee for a specific job on the Job - Summary tab, or in the Jobs List by including the column "Assigned"). 

  1. From FYI, click Home.
  2. Go to the My Jobs tab.

The Home - My Jobs displays using the same layout as in the Jobs list and a saved view can be selected.

From your My Jobs, you can display Jobs as a List or as a Board by clicking the List or Board button. Refer to Using the Jobs Lists and Using the Jobs Board.


Displaying Job Name on the Documents and Task Workspace

Where an email/document or a task has a job associated with it, the Job Name displays in the Jobs column on the Documents or Tasks lists. You can sort the emails/documents or tasks to see those for a specific job.

Note: If not already shown, include the Jobs column in the relevant list. Refer to Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in the Jobs Lists.

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