Selecting a Job when Filing a Document

When a document is created for a Cabinet that has Jobs enabled, in the filing details in the Drawer, Job is included as an additional category. This displays all the jobs that are held for the selected client. If required, you can also select to also show inactive jobs.

You can set your Practice Settings so the list of jobs includes those for all the clients within the Client Group, instead of only those jobs for the specific client. Refer to Show Jobs by Client in Managing Practice Settings for Jobs.

If a default job has been set for the selected client, this is offered as the default when selecting filing details, and can be changed if relevant. The default will also be automatically selected when documents and emails are auto-filed for the client.

Refer to Enabling Jobs and Setting the Default Job for a Client.

Selecting a Job in the Filing Details

Select the relevant job from the drop-down.


Provided the client does not have a default cabinet and category, where a Job is selected includes a year as part of the name (for example, "2023 Compliance"), if Year is an option in any of the categories the relevant year from the Job Name is automatically assigned as that category. For example, if the selected job has the name , "2023 Compliance", this will assign 2023 as a Year category. Refer also to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client.

By default, inactive jobs are not included in the selections. You can show these by clicking Show inactive jobs in the drawer.


Jobs, and the Tasks that have been set for a Job, are used when entering Time. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, Time entries are synchronised to Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Time Overview.

Note: When selecting a Job from the Client Workspace the Client will not populate based on the Job selected. This is intentional as it allows documents filed to other clients in the Group to display. If the Client is selected, only documents filed to that client and job would display. 

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