Creating Documents from Templates and Stationery

Templates can be set up for different types of document types, such as standard letters in Word, or standard images and text in Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations. Templates can also be created for PDFs. When creating PDF documents in FYI, a Template must be selected. For a Word document, you can also select Stationery.

Refer also to Document Templates, Stationery and Merge Fields.

Documents can be created from the Templates in the following ways:

  • Create a new document with the + button
    When selecting and entering the filing fields, select the required Template.
    The list of available templates will only show those that are relevant for the type of new document you are creating.
  • From the Knowledge - Templates tab, select the required Template, click Create and select the Client.
    This automatically selects the relevant type of document to create (according to the type of Template selected) and adds the selected Template in the filing details. For a Word Template has that has been marked as Stationery, this adds the selected Stationery and you can then select a template if required.

For Word documents, it is recommended to set up Stationery for the information that is common for documents such as letters.

Note: When the document has been created, this does not show the Template or Stationery with which it was created.

Video Walkthrough
For a video walkthrough that includes this feature, refer to Creating Office Documents From Within FYI.

Creating a Document from a Template with the + Button

  1. From FYI, click the + button in the menu bar.
    Select Word, Spreadsheet, Presentation or PDF from the list of document types.
    Or, from the workspace, simply press the shortcut key WS, P or D.

  2. In the drawer, select the Client. Refer also to Selecting a Client in the Filing Details and Refreshing the Clients.
    Any Filing Defaults for filing categories (for the Client, for your user Filing Defaults or for the Practice Filing Defaults) are initially displayed.

    For a Word document, you can optionally select a Stationery.

  3. In Template, select the template you want to use.

  4. If relevant to the selected template, defaults for the Cabinet and Categories are shown. These can be changed if needed.
  5. The Name is a mandatory field and will be populated automatically based on the Template. Adjust the name as required, or leave it as default. 

  6. Click Create.

  7. The document opens in the Microsoft Office product.

    This will either open via your browser or on your desktop, depending on what you have chosen as the way you want to open Office (Online or Desktop). You can set the default for how you want to open documents in your profile. Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings.

    The name of the document, and the name of the document that is will be shown in FYI, are set as the name of the template. For any merge fields in the template, the values are automatically filled in as relevant for the selected client, etc.

    If a Stationery has been selected for a Word document, and when opening Office via your browser, you can see the complete document including any images from the Stationery by selecting View - Reading View.

    Make any changes as needed and Save the document.

Note: Documents created for Clients using templates are based on the template's content at the time of creation. Changes made to a template will not be reflected in documents previously created with that template. Changes will only appear in newly created documents.

Creating a Document with a Template from the Knowledge Cabinets in FYI

  1. From FYI, click the Knowledge menu option.

  2. From the Templates tab, select the required template for the type of document that you want to create. The Type column displays the icon as relevant for the type of template (Word, Excel or PowerPoint).

  3. Click Create in the toolbar.

  4. The Drawer opens to create the relevant type of document. In the Drawer, select the Client. This automatically adds the selected Template in the filing details. 
    For a Word Template that has been marked as Stationery, this adds the selected Stationery and you can then select a template if required.

  5. Complete the document in the same way as above.
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