How to Login

Logging into FYI requires a Microsoft 365 email and password, and uses the Microsoft authentication methods. If the computer is not shared with other users, you can elect to "stay logged in", to reduce the number of times Microsoft will ask you to log in.

Login to FYI

Log in to FYI in two simple steps:

  1. Navigate to 
    Tip: Bookmark this link for quick access to log into FYI (if onboarding, you can separately bookmark for access to the Onboarding workspace)

  2. Click LOGIN WITH WINDOWS to get started.


  3. Sign in using your Microsoft 365 email and password.


Note: If you have previously logged into FYI using the same computer, the browser may ask you to pick an account and enter the password for future logins.

Staying Signed in

To stay signed in to your FYI account and your Outlook app or account, click the Yes button when prompted "Stay Signed In?".


FYI Home

You will then be taken to FYI Home, your personal view of information in FYI. For easy access, save the FYI Home page as a bookmark in your browser.

The My Recents tab displays as follows.

2343 NL Home.gif

Optimising your Computer for FYI

Before getting started, please make sure you have completed the following steps to set up your computer:

  1. Install the FYI Add-ins for Office and Outlook.
  2. Configure your Outlook settings for FYI.
  3. Configure your OneDrive for use with FYI.
  4. Prepare your browser for FYI.

Refer to Optimising your computer for use with FYI.

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